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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Something's coming ...

From Ellen ...

Leveraging a statistical boost from the citizen survey they so wisely commissioned in an effort to sort through the political rhetoric plaguing Troy like a cancer, Troy’s City Council finally plowed through the brick wall of discourse surrounding the Library at last night's City Council meeting.

I know, I know. There was no specific solution decided upon, but let’s be real here. The discussion was a clear turning point in the battle to save Troy. If you’ve been watching these meetings all along, you could just feel something at work here.

It’s something positive. Something that transcends politics. It’s … well, something.

You could see it as Councilwoman Beltramini threw an idea against the wall to see if it would stick. The idea is, as she admitted, way less than optimal. A classic compromise that really makes no one happy. But it’s viable. And in the watch-and-see-if-it-will stick, we get discussion. Brainstorming. This is something.

You could see it as Councilman Dane Slater was clearly emboldened by the survey results he was waiting for and clearly energized by the fact that the first budget discussion this coming Monday provides the opportunity to weave together a solution.

You could see it as City Manager John Szerlag confirmed that he is to keep the Library open come May 1st, thereby giving Council one last chance to figure a logical approach in the budget discussions in May.

You could see it … yep, actually "feel" it through the television screen.

The only thing that would have made me more hopeful would be an apology from Howrylak, Fleming and the TCU for putting us in this position in the first place. (How dare Howrylak accuse others of “obfuscation” by the way; anyone else find that as ironic and maddening as I did? And now Fleming is worried about what this doing to the employees? Huh? Where was that worry in the fall? Whatever … I simply must move on.)

The fact is, there was very real discussion last night. Discussion focused on the greater good of the community, not extreme political self interests. The brick wall is not gone, but there sure are a pile of bricks on the ground and the light is shining through the holes.

In a nod to a favorite song from West Side Story: something’s coming ... I don’t know what it is, but it is gonna be great.

I’m committed to rallying in support of our City Council as they attempt to come up with this "something," It sure is better than nothing.

Go Council go!

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  1. I encourage the discussion continue and ask we set aside the frustration and expectation of apologies. There were and even today are sound bites and behaviors from all points on the many opinions and passions on the topic of our City's budget. Let the open dialogue and thoughtful debate continue to arrive at an appropriate Troy city budget with the services required and desired. Today, all are Troy City residents, tax payers, consumers of city services. Today work together, olive branches in hand and let us proceed to solve the problem. Tomorrow, when the time comes, campaign and vote as your conscience demands. I know I will...