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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Library Conundrum!

from April
I am happy that council is going to discuss the library issue again and try to find funding to keep it open until a viable solution and revenue can be found to sustain the library, not just for the moment but for the long haul.  I applaud Ms. Beltramini for her efforts to keep the doors open.  
As much as I want MY library to remain open, I am afraid that more cuts will be made to the budgets of the police, fire, and other core services the city provides.  If Troy is not a “safe” and structurally “sound” place to live, what difference does it make if we have a library or not?  
Unlike TCU, I am looking to the entire city council, all 7 members, to carefully examine all sides of the issue, examine all the data that has been gathered in context with the entire budget, to weigh all the pros and cons, and to make a rational decision, not an emotional decision about where the budget needs to go.
What has irked and goaded me into writing this, is, that I just read the library website and saw TCU just falling all over from patting themselves on the back for keeping the library open beyond May 1.  They are reveling in the “Great” Howyrlak, Fleming, Beltramini contingent for their efforts.  
TCU, in all your euphoria, do you really think I’M going to forget that it was TCU, Mr. Howyrlak, and Mr. Fleming who were to blame for the library being on the chopping block in the first place?  
Let’s see, who was it that lied to the citizens of Troy about the size of the tax increase in  February, what was it you touted a 29% increase in your taxes when it was really a 29% tax increase in a line item resulting in about a 5.5%  tax increase in your entire  tax bill?  It was TCU that’s who.  
Who was it that promised voters they had a viable solution to fund the library that needed no new taxes in November when proposal 1 was defeated?  Ed Kempen and TCU that is who.  
Who was responsible for 3 additional proposals that were placed on the ballot to confuse and anger voters instead of letting them simply choose yes or no on the merits of Proposal 1?  TCU once again.  
Who was it, who, at the last minute, sent out a letter to the citizens of Troy full of misinformation and ½ truths and warning them to vote NO on proposal 1?  That was Councilman Martin Howyrlak and TCU, surprise! Surprise!.  
The only reason I can see as to why you are so happy the library isn’t closing, is because you are afraid that the rest of Troy would finally and clearly see how you are trying to destroy the fine city we live in.    
If you want me, and the rest of the city, to believe you really care about keeping the library open, then you had better get over yourselves, and be prepared to support wholeheartedly the millage that will come to fund the library, and it had better be for the library we, the real library users, expect from the city of Troy, not some reading room open only a few days or hours per week staffed by volunteers, and lacking the programs that mean so much to the citizens of Troy.  
So TCU are you up for that?   


  1. Taking credit for buying a couple more months and then who knows what after that? Sorry, on the scales of justice, their deceptive campaign to deny us 10 years of a full-service library trumps all their temporary chest-thumping.

  2. Their attitude regarding this immediately brings to mind the idiom "the cat that swallowed the canary". They know they did something "wrong" and now are going to use this to make them look like the Hero. This sickens and repels me. This group can not reap anymore benefit from the library used as a pawn for their agenda and purpose.