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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"If you don't starve the system, you won't make it change."

Yup. That's what some guy in York, PA is saying. Sounds just like the guys here wrecking our library, our city and our whole community.
If they don't wreck it they can't fix it. (interpret that to mean--if they don't wreck it, they can't get "elected" to fix it--of course then they'll just wreck it more.)
...But I don't want my town wrecked, TCU. Can't you go F%%% up some other town and leave Troy alone?
Here's the article from the Wall Street Journal. It just shows how these "grass roots" organizations, like TCU are nothing of the sort. They get their marching orders from high above. And they are all doing the same thing in unlucky communities ALL OVER AMERICA. 
First they do anything to defeat millage increases needed by cities left starving by the real estate crash.
Then they go to starve the schools. Faced with this attack on her community a mom in York says, "Starving education is the last thing that makes long-term economic sense." 
Stupid, stupid, stupid people listening to TCU. They are destroying us only because they think a few pennies in their little Dickensian Scroogey pockets are more important than children, libraries, communities, their friends and neighbors and families and Troy. 
Greedy jerks.


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