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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

CW Beltramini's plan not perfect

Just so you all know, I'm aware that Ms. Beltramini's plan to keep the library open is not perfect. I don't want a 15 hour library forever. But it's a starter. That is how negotiations work.
I also disagree with her comments in today's Free press that she thinks a library millage can't pass. Who knows? Maybe she is right. 
However, my feeling is that we should find a way to keep the library open until the end of the year by squeezing blood out of the budget. If the people of Troy won't fund a full-service library, by voting yes on a millage, fine. Shut it down and give up.
Then I'll go to Royal Oak's library and spend my money there instead.
Where we are now is that it doesn't make sens to take 2 months closing the library now, only to take two months opening the library later, should funding become available.
But for now, maybe we can have access to the books in our library for the next 8 months until we have a final answer.
What I want to know from Mr. Howrylak and his friends at TCU is whether they will cheat again this election. Whether they really want the blood of Troy, a dead city, on their hands.

The Free Press article:

Troy holds off on library closing

The library is likely to stay open until May 16.
"I don't want to give people false hopes. The library still might close," because no funding decision was made, Mayor Louise Schilling said Tuesday. The city should put a dedicated millage on its November ballot to assure long-term library operations, Schilling said.
But Troy residents saw a blur of four proposals to fund the library, each slightly different, on last November's ballot, and none passed. Library supporters accused opponents of adding three proposals to the official one to confuse voters.
Libraries of surrounding communities have raised their nonresident rates in anticipation of Troy's nearly 81,000 residents seeking library services outside their hometown.
Although no vote was taken at the lengthy council meeting, there was a consensus on the council to keep the library open through upcoming budget study sessions that are to conclude May 16 with a vote to decide the city's 2011-12 budget and whether the library can stay open, Assistant City Manager John Lamerato said.
The move to postpone any closing was bolstered by the results of a citywide survey, announced at Monday's meeting, showing that 72% of Troy residents believe library operations should increase or stay the same, according to the scientific telephone sample of 400 respondents, city spokeswoman Cindy Stewart said. And 32% said it was their No. 1 issue, the highest rating for any one issue, Stewart said.
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  1. I completely agree. It needs to stay open until we get a do over. And I'm even willing to go for an August Special Election. I'm ready to put this behind us. As for the TCU, Howrylak and Fleming, their days of being the "voice of the people" are done. They DO NOT represent the people. I'm ready to fight back hard. I've moved through shock, to anger, to a conviction that I must play a role in changing the trajectory of this city. The really cool thing? I am clearly not alone! :) Let's do this thing!

  2. I am sooooo with you Ellen!!!