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Monday, April 4, 2011

Attacking Frank Howrylak?

Martin Howrylak made great hay of his father being attacked for a private comment he made.
Sounds like a private citizen made a private comment and that someone is "going after" his family.
However, my understanding is that his father tried to sway citizens at a city council engagement session by using information that was not true to back up his point of view. He made the claim in public to sway the public.
Frank Howrylak is a public figure because he is one of the known leaders and spokespeople of TCU. He used untrue statements in public. He was corrected in public.
Case closed.


  1. I vehemently disagree with you. You want to get up in front of council and start blathering on about something, relate it to the people ON council, not their family. If it would have been me, i would be pursuing WAAAAY more than an admonishment from the ocuncil seat. I agree with him 'it's evil'. But, that's what you all feel works best for you, attack, attack, mudsling and name call. You can't get past the fact that you were beaten not once but twice on proposals to raise taxes. You all should be ashamed that you have to stoop to the level of personal attacks to get your point across. This is because you are the ones who are desperate. Howrylack can sit there and take it because he sought out the office of council member. The public correction you refer to should have happened AT that public engagement session, not at the city council meeting. it was another 'dressing down' attempt by opponents of one camp. Disgusting, vile, and evil, yes. You uapparently believe you are exempt from behaving properly. You are not. All the more reason that as long as people in your camp behave the way they do, regardless of 'the facts', I will continue to vote NO.

  2. Take a breath, anon. You and Martin are playing victim politics.
    Frank Howrylak is NOT a private citizen. He is NOT targeted because he is Martin's father. Frank Howrylak is proud that Proposal 1 failed and takes credit for making that happen. Go to the Oakland Press and search for his name. He is all over the paper quoted as a spokesperson for TCU. TCU is the group trying to dismantle Troy. I have a right as a citizen to criticize someone doing so. Frank is a public figure.
    If Frank wants to go to public events and ACT LIKE A PROXY OF HIS SON, and then tell untruths about what is happening in Troy, then he and his son should either accept it when people fact-check what he says, or they should tell the truth in the first place.
    I didn't buy it when candidate Bill Clinton threw his wife out in public as a political operative and then when she took heat say "Boo hoo you're attacking my innocent wife." Nor do I buy it when the Howrylak's do it.
    Let's not be hypocrites.

  3. Frank Howrylak does not hold public office, his son does. The comments were directed at Howrylack, ABOUT his father at a city council meeting. All for the tv exposure is my guess, not for much else. If he is not targeted 'as Martins father' then why do it at the council meeting?? Why bring it up to Martin? Bring it up to Frank! How bout you do it one on one face to face? Because that does not garner enough publicity for your pitiful selves. I vehemently disagree with you, and taking a breath aint gonna change my mind!

  4. Wow - you are equating Bill Clinton with Martin Howrylak, you are giving Howrylak waaay too much power. I get your point Framk maybe a public figure - but it is inappropriate at best to "dress him down" at a city council meeting. He is not a council person and his opinions or viewpoints are not relevant and do not warrant discussion at a council meeting. Anything related to him or his opinions should ahve been addressed in the same forum where the comments were made.

    Also, if what Martin said is true, that his wife is also being "targeted" in some way. Well that is not only evil, but may also be illegal as well.

    Differences of opinion is one thing, harrassment is another.

  5. Hey, anon, give me your address. I have the meeting on tape. I'll run it over.
    The public comments were about TCU and TRUST, right? Howrylak Sr is the leader of that group and he told an "untruth" at a session designed to explain Troy's economic situation TO THE PUBLIC. He presents himself as the councilman's proxy. He lied about what L Brooks Patterson's right-hand man said about Troy's situation. I hope you are being as dogged to Frank about lying to the public as you are grousing about his wee wittle hurt feelings.
    This is nonsense.

  6. Mr. Frank Howrylak is a rep. of TCU. He is quoted in papers. He speaks in public.

    If someone speaks out against Mr. Frank Howrylak, and his son is unhappy about it, he should let he daddy fight his own battles.

    But apparently Mr. Martin Howrylak enjoys every opportunity to whine like a baby when things don't go his way.

    It's a big world out there...own your words or don't speak them.

  7. Well, in that vein, someone could get up at a council meeting and say anythihg about anyone who is a public figure. Even you could be ocnsidered a public figure, but no one should say anyting about you or your blog at city council. If I have aproblem with you, this is the forum I should address it in. If someone had a problem with Frank Howrylak at a public forum meeting - TELL HIM THERE. Don't go griping to city council at a televised meeting.

    Anon - not the same as previous poster.

  8. To "Wow" -- twist the words.... twist away...
    No, not saying MH is president, saying don't be a political power in a town and then pretend you're an innocent daddy.
    Also, he didn't give his opinion -- he claimed an important official said something that he didn't say.
    You guys can pretend all you want that Frank H was abused, but you, too, are trying to misinform, just as he did.
    Keep pretending...
    As long as you pretend facts are not facts Troy will flounder.

  9. Yes, someone could get up at a city council meeting and say that a fact I wrote on this blog is incorrect and give proof of it. Have at it folks.
    You act as if she libeled him.
    She said that he did just what TCU leaders love to do--make up facts and spread them around to get what they want.
    And here's the difference between me and Linda and Frank and you anons -- at least we have enough courage of our convictions that we don't hide behind "anonymous" to harass other people.
    Man up, anons!

  10. So it is fair for Martin and his father to spread incorrect information publicly and the citizens of Troy are not to be allowed to correct them publicly? What holds them to a different standard? As a fellow Republican, I am sick and tired of the stain this group (TCU - of which Frank Howrylak is one of the founding members) is putting on the party. They say politics are dirty, but I never realized certain individuals would be so driven for a political seat and ultimate control that they would use tactics that caused irreparable damage to their party locally. (Not to mention what it is doing to this city.)

    I was the one who spoke at council last night and I would do it again. This was not a “private” conversation. It took place at the table at one of the public community engagement sessions. I gave Frank Howrylak every opportunity to deny his statement, going as far as helping him by saying, “Frank, I’m sure that was just taken out of context. It was probably just part of a sentence or conversation that perhaps included, fiscal responsibility, etc.” Frank insisted that “No, Bob Daddow said that Standard and Poor’s and Moody told him Oakland County and Troy received their AAA Bond rating because they did not raise taxes.” I then indicated I would be calling Mr. Daddow to verify, which I did. I did it as a public service. Seeing as I did not have all the names nor the phone numbers of those at the table, this was a way to see that at least some of them would get the answer.