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Monday, April 4, 2011

Arguments against independent library act

All of the arguments I hear against creating an independent library to save our library make no sense to me.
How about this one - "Jeepers, if we did that city council would have to vote to fund the library every year! What if they voted to de-fund it?"
--But...that's what you already agreed to do THIS YEAR. What difference does it make? You can de-fund a city department library just as easy as you can de-fund an independent library.
Or how about this - "Gracious, we would never be able to go back to having our library as a city department!"'s NOT GOOD to have your library as a city department! Then you have to fight for funding with all the other departments. If we want a secure library, it needs dedicated funding. They say they can do that? Why didn't you do it before? Because you needed the money for something else!


  1. You know what we should do? We should work to set up the Library to be properly funded -- the Library as we knew it a year ago -- for, say, 10 years. And we should see if we could create it as a separate entity from the city departments so it would never be at the mercy of the city budget again and have to up against key priorities like the police protection we want to retain at a high level. Oh! And with a board elected by all of us, so we can try to protect it from partisan politics. Yes!

    Oh, wait, that was Proposal 1 ... too bad the entire City Council didn't stand behind that.

  2. The part I have difficulty swallowing is that defunding the library was a calculated risk predicated on the success of Proposal 1.

    When Proposal 1 was unfairly lost, council should have IMMEDIATELY reworked the budget and refunded the library.

    To deny that they are, collectively, using it as a pawn is ridiculous.

  3. Remember? Howrylak claiming we would have to buy all new books and building?

  4. The volunteers who ran Proposal 1 (including me) ran around like cartoon characters on blurred legs trying to explain what it meant. The city wouldn't help out by explaining what it would do, which didn't help at all, but remember that the city/city council did NOT launch Proposal 1--the people did. The fact that TCU and Howrylak killed it by cheating and lying is a testament to how much they care about the people's will.