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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Who are Kathleen O'Laughlin, William Redfield, and Robert Outland?

It amazes me that the folks who brought us the three fake library proposals on the November ballot, designed just to confuse the voters enough to win, have never shown any public guilt or embarrassment over this political dirty trick. Most, like Mr. Howrylak, simply pretended they didn't know their friends had done this. Yet they benefitted from the lie, and that makes them just as guilty as the people who did it.
So what DO the anti-Proposal 1/anti-library funding people SAY about those 3 fake proposals?
They always say, "It probably didn't affect the vote, no harm done."
Proposal 1 only lost by about 300 votes. 
Harm done.
So why did 
Kathleen O'Laughlin (local politician)
William Redfield, and
Robert Outland (among Howrylak's politcal supporters?)

put forward these fake proposals? 
Why have they never said?
Whose friends are they?
Who are they? (tell me, tell me!)
What will YOU do when something like this happens in this year's election?


  1. Yes Yes Yes Please someone answer these questions! And let me know what ever happened with the so called investication into one of the proposals, wasn't it election fraud or something!

  2. If you really want to point a finger at the people who closed the library I would suggest these people. I think everyone should contact them and really let them know how damaging their actions have been to this city. There is no excuse for their behavior (at least they haven't come forward to offer it).