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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Turnabout is Fair Play

For months, I've been asked to pay the share of many anti-taxers' property tax bill that would cover an increase should it ever be levied.

After all, if I am in favor of an increase to support my city services, shouldn't I be willing to put my money where my mouth is and pay for EVERYONE ELSE, too?

(Umm...does anyone else see a problem with that logic? )

Another frequent comment from anti-taxers is that those of us who want better services in Troy like...oh, SNOW PLOWING...should simply PAY MORE on our own. Because you extra $10 in the pot will SURELY cover the cost of more snow plowing, right?

(Wait...uhh...right. More flawed logic.)

It finally hit me last night what I could offer in exchange for these brilliant suggestions we get FOR FREE from the anti-taxers. It reaches out to them on their level, it costs NOTHING to the city, fact...SAVES the city money. I KNOW they'll be with me on it for all of those reasons.

(Are you ready? It's a gem, I promise!)

How about YOU anti-taxers agree to GO WITHOUT all those evil government intrusions that cost us SO MUCH MONEY? Send in your addresses so the city can now skip over the following in an attempt to give you the smaller governemnt you so desire:

-- snow plowing
-- garbage pick-up
-- water service
-- police protection

I think exempting yourselves from these services is the least you could do to help off-set the budget crisis.

(That's makes as much sense as what you ask of me.)


  1. Some people seem to have an entitlement issue. They think they should get city services for free or at someone else's expense. They complain the loudest too.

    The gig is up. They're going to get nothing for nothing.

    Problem is, we're all going to get nothing.

  2. Sue, You are positively brilliant!! If they don't want to pay for services they don't have to!! I wish that could work!!