Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Troy's library is closing because we're cheap, not because we're poor

The TCU whipped up paranoia doesn't help much either.

In 2010, Michigan cities/townships sought millage increases
Addison Twp                               Passed (.75 mill Fire/Ambulance & 3.4874 mill Police)
Beverly Hills     10.1924               Passed  (1.9184 mills Police/Fire/Library)  Nov. headlee override
Commerce Twp                           Passed (2.7 mills Police)
Commerce & Walled Lake            Passed (2 mills Fire)
Highland Twp                              Passed (.325 mill Library) & (1.4372 renewal Fire)
Lathrup Village    20.1755            Passed May (Headlee Override) allows up to 20 mil tax levy & 3 mils for sanitation
Holly Twp                                   Passed (.5 mill Parks & 1 mill Library)
Northville            16.36               Passed (Library) Nov.
Novi                     10.54              Passed (Schools renewal) Nov.
E. Grand Rapids                          Passed (School renewal)
Independence Twp                      Passed (.89 mill Police, 2 mills renewal Police, &                                                                                 .691 mill Library)
Keego Harbor                              Passed (.3 mill Library)
Millford                                      Passed (.8 mill Police)
Oak Park           24.68                 Passed (build new City Hall, Public Safety Bldg, Library)
White Lake                                 Passed (Police/Fire) Nov.
Village of Milford                         Passed (Library & Waste Collection) Nov.
Oxford                                        Passed (Police/Fire) Nov.
Oakland Twp                               Passed (1.76 mill renewal Police, .49 mill renewal  Library)
W. Bloomfield                             Passed (.65 renewal Library)
Waterford           10.886             Passed (Police/Fire) Nov. headlee override

Bloomfield Hills                           Failed (Schools & Library) Nov.
Clarkston                                    Failed (Police) August
Royal Oak Twp.                           Failed (Police) Nov.                        
Grand Rapids                              Failed (Jail)
Troy                            9.28        Failed (Library)

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