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Sunday, March 13, 2011

There's that flawed logic again

From Sue...

This is the attitude of some of those voting against minor millage increases in Troy:

Have not used the Aquatic Center in years.
Have not used the Golf Course in the 26 years I have lived here.
Have not used the Library in at least 10 years
Close them all.

Last I checked, the anti-tax-at-any-cost resident who said that still lives in this city and enjoys the benefit of many services that someone else may never use. For instance, I rarely drive down his street (public information; looked up his address...yeah, I guess that makes me a stalker. But if you're going to say things like that on the internet, expect it...).

What if I said I don't think the city should plow those streets I don't travel?

For that matter, my kids will only be in Troy schools for six more years. I sure don't want to pay for SCHOOLS after that, you know?

I've never needed to call the police or the fire department. Why am I paying for THAT?


Now, obviously it makes little sense to say you don't want to pay for police, fires, streets and schools when having all those things keeps your city sustainable, successful and safe. It makes as little sense as complaining about golf courses or aquatic centers that -- you might be interested to know -- are privatized, and/or self-sustaining and ultimately don't cost the average resident much, if any, money.

And the library...oh, my library...every day we creep closer to May 1, my heart is heavier. I cannot imagine what bitterness lies in the heart of someone who would close a library. The usefulness of such a resource, the hum of life in that building, the vast wealth of riches in those''s INCONCEIVABLE that it's closing.


But back to our anti-tax-at-any-cost-friend. His logic is simply another stunning display of the short-sighted, selfish and ignorant thinking that lives among the rest of us. It's not a question of whether we need a pool OR a golf course OR a library. We need ALL OF THEM. And here's why:

Every Troy resident
benefits from a city that is thriving and offers an array of amenities.

Every Troy resident benefits when our array of amenities makes us a desirable city in which to live...which in turn keeps our property values higher.

Every Troy resident
benefits when other people want to live or work here and add to our tax base...which ultimately and historically have kept our property TAXES lower.

Every Troy resident benefits from having a great place to live.

If you take everything away from me that makes Troy a great place to live and refuse to pay for even the most basic of services...well, YOU don't have a great place to live, either.

Why is that so difficult to understand?


  1. It boggles the mind. And to be a real estate agent and follow this flawed logic? Huh? Seriously. I wonder if it's possible to sue the TCU for some sort of slander against Troy, thereby reducing my home's value even more than the economy already did? I just had a friend tell me today that her hairdresser is looking to move from Berkley and she and her husband won't even consider Troy because of what they're hearing ... specifically the closure of the Library. Talk about an epic marketing failure.

  2. Well, at least TCU's true agenda is finally being properly displayed on their Facebook page! Specifically, they want to close every public institution in their myopic vision for Troy.

    But why stop at just the Aquatic Center, golf courses, and library? There's really no reason for the city to maintain public parks at all. Close them all and sell the land! How about the fire department? I mean, I've never used their services whatsoever. Close it down, sell the trucks and the fire stations. Do I really need the police either? I haven't had anything stolen lately and people don't assault me, so let's get rid of them, too! My formal education is likely complete so we don't REALLY need public schools, do we? Private schools will step in and fill the gap at an affordable price, right?

  3. Look the city manager, city employee's fat pay check, benefit package. Everybody get hurt by this economy, the home value as well. But why not the city employees?

  4. Right...and we all know the reason all the business is leaving, too, is because we HAVE all these awful things like golf courses and such here. EYE ROLL.

    No, business is leaving BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE HOWRYLAK and those who support him. They see the writing on the wall: Troy is becoming cheap, unsustainable and business-hating.

    When you refuse to attract and keep your electorate, your economic base and your fail. If we let Howrylak and company continue down this path...Troy will fail.

  5. Anon - keep drinking the TCU koolaid!
    Which employees haven't been hurt? The 100 laid off? The ones taking pay cuts? Few get fat benefits packages, only those who've been around for decades, and those can't be touched by law.
    Stop the koolaid and smarten up.