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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

TCU's latest revisionist tactic

TCU is now trying to re-write history...again.
An anonymous reader on this blog thinks he has had a great Gotcha moment. Thinks he caught me "admitting" the library's closure is city council's "fault." He/she writes about TCU/Howrylak/Gosselin cheating and lying:
"with regard to cheating... that is moot since the council had voted to de-fund the library already by your own admission....Any other point is not important."
I love it. 
There is not a shred of logic in that statement.
Because city council decided they could not fund the library and voted on a budget that did not fund the library, TCU/Howrylak and Gosselin can cheat and lie to their hearts content and it doesn't matter?
No. Cheating matters at any time, plus they cheated BEFORE council voted. Remember?
The city told the people for months (Sept 2009-Feb 2010, I believe) that we were in serious budget trouble. They knew because they had done the responsible thing and investigated our long-range financial situation. It wasn't looking good. They TOLD us that. They TOLD is the truth. So we had a millage vote in Feb. 2010. The people, following the unethical lies of the TCU who claimed the city was lying, voted against the millage. 
Then, the council, believing the people didn't care about the library, the nature center and the history museum voted on the budget that defunded them.
The TCU lies actually came first, DH, so I guess those lies are not "moot."
I think this argument is part of a new revisionism that TCU is unveiling (you have to watch those folks every second!).
I've noticed a big TCU fan has written this on their FB page, 
"The vote on the budget came before the vote on the millage in feb." 
Isn't that interesting? It's a clear lie. It even comes under a post that notes the council vote was in May. On my calendar May tends to come after Feb. 
So why are they lying both on my blog and over on FB?
Keep your eyes open. This is a new tactic... They will say, "You can't blame Howrylak/TCU for the library closure! City council voted to close it LONG before we came along."
That is not true.
Watch them spin their little web.


  1. "Fault" in this context means responsibility for a mistake or an offense. So, certainly this term will be tossed around like a hot potato with no one willing to hold on (perhaps hand grenade is a better analogy).

    So, was it Council's mistake or offense that caused the recession? No.

    And was it Council's mistake or offense to alert us of the implications of the budget impact? No.

    And was it Council's mistake or offense to de-fund the Library when they had to give priority to police, fire and infrastructure? No

    And was it the voters mistake or offense not to approve either millage? Mistake? - probably yes in retrospect. Offense, no, because they were were influenced by one of the Council "leaders" and his group of supporters who INTENTIONALLY chose to mis-lead the voters.

    So, finding "fault" must take us to the person and/or group who chose to deceive.

    TCU and Councilman Howrylak were the only ones who committed an offense - and for that they must bear ultimate responsibility

    So where does

  2. The members of the City Council told us before the Feb 2010 election what the impact of the defeat of the millage would be and then implemented that plan when it did not pass. I cannot see why the citizens of this city have so much trouble understanding this.

  3. Part of the problem with making up lies, making mistakes and repeating them is that they become truth.

    Perception is truth.

    So if someone PERCEIVES that there was wrong doing by believing that a vote came before a budget PERCEIVES that council did something wrong. Others read that and move forward with it.

    Emotions get in the way of perceiving reality. For some, the emotion is all that counts: they feel the way they do, and facts and reality are never going to change it.

    We have to reach those who are willing to suspend their animosity and emotion. We have to reach those who are not tainted with bitterness.