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Thursday, March 17, 2011

TCU Myth #5,765 - Troy City Manager's salary is soooooo high

How high is it?

TCU says...
Did you know the city manager collects retirement while still working full time? Do you know he earns over $247,000 a year in pay and benefits. Did you know he is therefore paid more than the governor or county executive?
Troy City Manager Salary - $135,000
Michigan Governor Salary - $177,000 (plus, drivers, mansion and other stuff as of last year)  ----- Note: Gov. Snyder is only taking $1/year, so my 9-year old daughter makes more in allowance than he does.
Oakland County Executive - $180,000 (in 2008)

It's a bait and switch -- add the city manager's benefits (approved by conservative majority city council a few years ago) to his very average salary and it sounds like a big deal.
Mr. Szerlag has taken a 5% cut and will take another 10% cut in July.

In an older post I explained how Mr. Szerlag got his contract. Mr. Fleming brought forward the resolution to hire Mr. Szerlag. Perhaps someone can ask him at a city council meeting why he so wanted Mr. Szerlag. I understand that even with the pension, Mr. Szerlag cost less than any of the other candidates would have.


  1. FYI- this governor has decided not to live in the mansion. I assume he's living in Ann Arbor.