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Thursday, March 3, 2011

TCU from the inside - People of Troy LISTEN!

This is an unsolicited comment from a friend who is a conservative in Troy. She allowed me to reprint it here.

Here are some of my favorite parts of this saga:

1)      I actually fought alongside TCU once in the past, when the city was planning a city-funded baseball stadium.   Their no-capricious-spending policy made sense…THEN.
2)      During the first millage request, [Feb. 2010]  I talked to five people the day of the voting, including three neighbors, who had ALL JUST SWITCHED THEIR VOTES TO NO because of the same piece of agitprop that had shown up in their mailboxes two days before… and it wasn’t the 29% increase in taxes.  It was the flyer that went out saying that our city manager was making more than city managers of major cities across the country.  I begged them all to reconsider, but I guess they didn’t do the basic math that even if our city manager had taken a 50% pay cut, the $70K savings didn’t equate to the $2+ million dollars we needed to keep the library going. [Sharon's note - of course, the amount they always quote is NOT his salary, but benefits package approved by the previous, conservative-majority council].
3)      During the Prop 1 voting, four of our residents (including my mother, who goes the library once per week) didn’t go to vote because they were all convinced that Prop 1 would go through.  Some of the families I talked to at my son’s school didn’t even know what the propositions were or that there WAS a vote.
4)      The day after the vote, Bob Outland, came by asking me to sign a petition for Howrylak’s ill-conceived “city funded” library.  I asked him why I would waste my time signing my name to a lost cause, when he had done all he could to sabotage my efforts to actually ensure the library’s continuation.  I went ahead and signed it, only because I knew that even though it wouldn’t work (and said so), it was still the last-ditch attempt anyone was going to make. [Sharon's note - It is public record that Bob Outland is one of the people who put a fake library proposal on last year's ballot -- not surprised he's a Kempen/TCU friend.]

It’s not just misinformation, but apathy that’s killing our services.  There are STILL people who don’t know that our library is closing.   There are STILL people who think that we have too many people working at City Hall, even though people’s jobs or hours have been cut in almost every city department.  I think people actually thought that even though they did NOTHING about our financial circumstances, somehow everything would just keep running.  Bizarre.

Keep up your great work.  My husband and I voted for the millage increase, and we have two houses AND a commercial building in Troy.  Believe me, it would have hurt, but that’s how much we believe in Troy.

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