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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stream of Consciousness...

Fair warning...I'm watching the video linked below that discusses the budget woes in Michigan.

Did you know that 50% of the job losses in the COUNTRY came from MICHIGAN?

Wow...Troy gets MAJOR KUDOS from both Oakland County budget guy AND the MICHIGAN budget guy.

What a tangled web we weave...when first we practice to deceive. In today's struggle, that hard it must be to keep your story straight when it's built on lies.

Which begs the question: if your stance is so honorable, patriotic and sympathetic to all peoples...why do you have to lie, twist facts and bully others?

Bullies often bully to cover up personal inadequacies...or to divert attention away from an inadequate opinion or stance on a topic.

Bullies will turn attention to someone else when they can't answer back rationally. They will "call you out" to make you look stupid by insulting you, then point fingers if you call them on it. Somehow, with bullies, YOU are always at fault and they never are.

People tell me there is "common ground" in Troy with our budget and millage issues. I just don't see it anymore. Every time I think someone else and I can of us opens our mouth and I see we are NOWHERE near common ground.


Truth doesn't sell. Lies do. Negativity does.

My mother taught me not to interrupt others. I truly appreciate my mother tonight.

I teach middle school. I'm amazed daily at how many adults act just like my middle school students...petulant, rude, boorish, shrewish...amazing that they then go off into the world and expect to be treated like professionals.

I have never in my life cared about the city budget...UNTIL NOW.

Troy is dying. Our city is not what it was. And it's not because our city is mismanaged.

Our city is not mismanaged.

Our city is VERY WELL managed.

Our city is underfunded.

Our city is REALLY underfunded.

When you know a lot about your city and can present factual evidence, you will be accused of working for the city.

What's wrong with working for the city?

Why does intelligence make others feel threatened?

I love the library. It breaks my heart that the library is unfunded.

I cannot imagine a Troy without a library.

You cannot tell me you are a library supporter if you ACTIVELY fought to oppose Proposal 1 AND ACTIVELY supported the other three spurious ballot measures.


Or, I guess...WHY AREN'T YOU?

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