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Saturday, March 26, 2011

RE: Sue's "Why there's no magic $1.7 million..."

When I went to a city engagement session one man at my table truly, sincerely said future be damned! Use the money to save the library this year and we'll deal with our budget crises next year.
Of course, now that Governor Snyder is training literally dozens of czar-like Emergency Financial Managers to take over cities who can't balance their budgets, we can't be messing around with our budget this way.
Using Mr. Howrylak's scheme would pretty much ensure the EFMs would come take over our town.
How can those crowing about fiscal responsibility be so fiscally irresponsible?
The answer is, now that they've gotten their way and Troy residents see what their brand of "fiscal responsibility" has wrought (no parks and rec, no library, poor services) they certainly don't want to take the BLAME for the disaster they've created.
But we know who brought us this broken Troy, don't we?
Thanks for wrecking Troy, TCU! 
We won't forget.

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