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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pound for pound

One recent criticism is that we here on the blog publicize the millage rate without equating that to dollars -- meaning we're sharing what our LOW city millage rate is, but not necessarily saying what each homeowner pays.

Well, the millage rate in Troy per every thousand dollars worth of value is still lower than the millage rate in other cities per every thousand dollars worth of value.

It's kind of like asking, "Which weighs more...a pound of feathers, or a pound of bricks???"

A pound is a pound no matter what substance you are weighing. A thousand dollars of value on a house is the same here as it is in another city. So if we're paying -- in some cases -- nearly HALF what another city pays per thousand dollars, that looks like less to me whether it's dollars or rates.

Remember, each homeowner determines how much tax he/she will pay when they purchase the home in which they live. If you don't want to pay property tax on a home valued at $300K, DON'T BUY ONE. Similarly, if you bought a home in a full-service city like Troy that provided those services well when the values were high enough to support them, understand that the service MUST go down when the funding does, too.

And before you chastise me for being unsympathetic, I KNOW that some of us make far less than when we purchased our homes and are working earnestly to make a decent living. But guess what? My home is WORTH far less now. My own taxes have dropped significantly in 10 years of being a homeowner here...well over $1100 from their high point. So putting back $100 or so a year of that decrease to save my library? Or maybe closer to $200 like last February's vote proposed to save almost EVERYTHING we've seen go down?

A no-brainer for me. That's less than $9-18/month for the average homeowner in Troy. I know VERY few people for whom that is a TRUE hardship -- and the ones complaining on the internet from home with their high-speed cable and cell phones and SUV's aren't among them.

So I don't want to hear how our LOW millage rate isn't actually that low when you look at what someone PAYS in property taxes.

Not wanting to pay for something doesn't make it overpriced.

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