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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Parks and wrecked

Did you know this? (from TRUST on FB)
Troy is going broke because we have the lowest tax rate around, that was capped by the people in 2008, and our property values/taxes are falling. All the city can do is cut, cut, cut, cut....
‎2 years ago Parks & Rec had 32 employees that won best of state awards and provided great programs for our kids and seniors. April 1, 6 of the remaining 8 employees will join the maintenance department to maintain the parks, and that leaves 2 people for recreation. Don't complain when your kid can't find the baseball in the outfield because the grass is too tall, or the pot holes and bare spots in the soccer fields get repaired next year instead of the next day, or the program you or your kids loved is gone. The city is being decimated ...and some people .. now that the forecasts have come true... want a short term plan to keep the library open while the city becomes a wasteland.

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