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Monday, March 28, 2011

OK, council, let's go

Mr. Howrylak raised the possibility of passing the Michigan State Library Law option to raise taxes to fund the library!
I know it's possible that Mr. Howrylak is simply stalling for time, drawing out his options, but if that saves the library, I'm with him.
I know that Mr. Howrylak is particularly guilty of killing off all decent efforts to save the library, but if this works, I'm with him.
I know that he is the ONLY one on council who can possibly run with this, because his followers will find a way to support him for doing it (while they would have crucified anyone else), but if it works, I'm with him.
But will he truly have the guts to put the resolution on the table?
Let's get it done, Howrylak!


  1. Happy to see you change your tune about consorting with the "enemy." Hoping you and your people can work with Mr. Howrylak toward a positive end or start to an end. Because once that Library's actually shuttered...there's probably no going back. Look at how quickly (April 1st--no fooling) all the City "consolidations" go into effect!

  2. I haven't changed my tune. This is the first time Mr. Howrylak has said something I agree with. He has let us down so many times before I look forward with great caution.
    Everyone in this town is so used to playing games that I doubt anything but more nonsense will come of this. Just trying to be hopeful. This isn't a game to me.