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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My simple case

I'll state my simple case again.
1. Our millage rate is terribly, arbitrarily low.
2. The city council cannot raise the millage rate, because it is capped.
3. The purpose of capping the rate, TCU said, was to give the people the right to decide on tax increases -- cool
4. TCU lies and cheats in millage elections to guarantee tax rates do not go up.
5. With property values in free fall, thus city revenues in free fall, and state revenue sharing in free fall, Troy is screwed.
6. Thanks TCU!


  1. The conclusion I've come to with TCU/supporters/anti-taxers is that if their arguments and platform were TRULY honorable...there would be no need to trump it up so sensationalistically.

    Attaching the current political buzz words of the NATION'S problems to Troy's situation is but one example. Relating what Wall Street executives did to the retirement packages in Troy is another.

    Again, if they have to inflate the nature of our issues here so much...they didn't have much of substance to begin with.

    Had they attempted to effect change in a responsible, reasonable and ethical way...we would not be where we are now.

  2. Right!
    Why cheat if truth is on your side?

  3. Gee, that's an interesting question. Why don't you pursue it? But make sure you're asking the question of the right people. All the right people. Now that would be a violation of the charter of this blog, wouldn't it?