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Monday, March 14, 2011

My new history (and future) of Troy and its library

  1. 2008 - TCU runs an innocent-looking charter amendment that will cap Troy's city tax millage rate at a paltry 9.28, lower than 16 other cities in Oakland County.
  2. The recession hits around the same time and quickly shrinking property values cause marked drop in actual property taxes paid by Troy property owners.
  3. 2009 - City leaders recognize that freefall of revenues is going to doom Troy services. In the past city council could have raised millage rate to meet revenue decline, but because of TCU/Howrylak/Gosselin-backed cap, city council can do nothing.
  4. Feb. 2010 - TCU sends out lie-ridden, 4-page mailer in their effort to kill the millage vote.
  5. Feb. 2010 - Councilman Howrylak sends out lie-ridden letter to Troy residents in effort to kill the millage. 
  6. Feb. 2010 - Troy residents believe TCU lies and vote against 1.8 millage increase. 
  7. May 2010 - City Council votes to de-fund library in favor of saving public safety. 
  8. May 2010 - Citizens to Save Troy Public Library forms and writes proposal for dedicated, .9885 millage to save library
  9. June 2010 - Friends of TCU/Howrylak/Gosselin add 3 FAKE proposals to the ballot in their attempt to confuse voters and doom the library.
  10. Oct. 2010 - TCU sends out lie-ridden, 4-page mailer in their effort to defeat the millage vote.
  11. Oct. 2010 - Councilman Howrylak sends out lie-ridden letter to Troy residents in effort to kill the millage.
  12. Nov. 2010 - The people of Troy believed TCU and Howrylak lies and voted down Proposal 1.
  13. Feb. 2011 - The city council refused to take matters into its own hands and save the library using a special Michigan Library Law.
And for the future? If you don't learn from the past, you are doomed to re-live it...
  1. TCU is planning to run a new proposal, a new Kempen Initiative! -- A city charter amendment that will force the city WITH ITS CAPPED BUDGET! to fund a library through the general fund. In the future, we will be discussing Mr. Kempen and his personal history of fiscal responsibility. Why is he such a cheap tax-hater? Wait till you find out!!!
  2. Oct 2011 - The TCU will send out lies in mailers
  3. Oct. 2011 - Howrylak will send out a lie-riddled letter.
  4. Nov. 2011 - Will the people of Troy follow these fools again?
  5. If this proposal passes, the bank will break and nothing will matter, our city will go into the hands of an Emergency Financial Manager who will ignore our elected council, make all the decisions and then Troy will really go to hell.

Follow Kempen, Howrylak and TCU at your peril, folks.

The cheap idiots are destroying Troy over a few, paltry tax dollars!

When will we learn???????


  1. City Council did not vote to de-fund the library in May. They voted for a balanced budget. The balanced budget option was Proposal 1, which did include closing the library but that was not the purpose of the vote.

  2. Bottom line is that the budget option DID de-fund the library. Period. Personally, I FIRMLY believe council chose that option because they thought a rational citizenry would back Proposal 1 and we'd be covered.

    It was a gamble...and we know we lost because of political operatives who will stop at nothing to mislead the electorate.

    But ultimately? It's in council's hands. There's really no other way to spin it. And I know that's a tough pill to swallow.

    But that's what it is.

  3. "City Council did not vote to de-fund the library in May. They voted for a balanced budget."

    Since you have previously speculated on anonymous.. on this one, it sounds like it came right from the mouth of Louise, or Mary.

    And... TADAA the first time I have agreed with you completely... the bottom line is it did de-fund the library.

  4. City council did what they had to do, and that decision de-funded the library.

  5. Today one vote can save the library.

  6. So anon, you must also agree that Howrylak/TCU have cheated to ensure the closure of the library, in order to save a few bucks we all would have made up in lower taxes anyway?

  7. I guess the PURPOSE of the vote doesn't matter as much as the OUTCOME... Certainly not for someone who would prefer to have a library.

  8. Sharon, with regard to cheating... that is moot since the council had voted to de-fund the library already by your own admission, which I agreed with. Any other point is not important.
    You said it all right here:
    " that decision de-funded the library". End of story. OF course they (council) will run from this accusation because, also like you said, they thought additional taxes to support a library was a slam dunk. They were wrong... twice.

  9. Anon - at the risk of being rude, your argument is, well, ridiculous.
    I am being honest and nonpartisan, you are not.
    So don't put words in my mouth.
    City council voted the way they did because with a limited resources they felt that to save the city they had to choose public safety over the library. It's a decision I don't like but they made it for honest reasons. I defend them for that.
    TCU cheated like bandits to defeat 2 credible ways to FUND the library. They killed the library's last chance. I actually use the library with my children. I know who is using the library as a pawn. It is your little friends.
    Are you telling me TCU and Howrylak can lie and cheat and it doesn't matter? How ridiculous! How cynical! How very TCU.
    The fact that Howrylak and all of those people cheat and lie and have NO guilty conscience is indefensible, yet you defend it.
    Council made an educated, responsible decision.
    Your folks cheated like little children and think THEY are morally superior.
    They are unethical cheats. Simple.
    And you know, when I see Howrylak sit up there pretending to be a man of the people, all I want to know is why he didn't say that his friends were wrong to do those 3 fake proposals on the ballot. Then he would have credibility with me. He's just a despicable, self-righteous politician.
    But there's no use arguing with you.
    I try to tell the truth and you try to jam it down my throat as a gotcha. Aren't you cute?
    If you cared about nonpartisanship you would admit the people you defend are unethical.
    Yet you don't. Truth doesn't matter to you, apparently.