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Friday, March 11, 2011

Mind boggling

I check in periodically at the Troy Public Library

I found the following comment there:

Someone asked how many cards are there and the answer indicated there were approximately 13,000 non Troy residents. My understanding is that they had to pay for cards. But forgetting that statistic, let's look at the 39,000 Troy residents (who hold library cards). They now will be headed to another library as a non-resident, could be to a fairly large facility nearby that does allow non-resident cards. They will be paying $200 per year. So $200 times 39,000 is, oh, let me see, that is $7,800,000. THAT'S ALMOST EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS a year!! So Troy residents who voted against the library, you just threw $7,800,000 out the window to a next-door neighboring community. At one time a home in Troy cost many "thousands" of dollars more for the same home in this neighboring community. Well guess what folks? You just kissed your home values goodby, your school system goodby, and have now sent a message to families who would be valuable additions to Troy to look elsewhere, that we no longer value our own community and the people who reside here. So now let's look at the other non-resident 13,000. Assuming they are not already residents in the neighboring community, they too will bring another $2,600,000 to that library. Too darn funny, OVER TEN MILLION DOLLARS, ($10,400,000) going elsewhere. I think there is a library that now has the potential to become not one of the top ten libraries, but THE TOP LIBRARY in the country. Whoa, watch those home values grow. So all you "NO" voters, are you proud of yoursleves? The sad thing? You probably are proud. You deserve a very loud "SHAME, SHAME ON YOU".

If it's possible, I think I feel even more sick about this whole situation.


  1. brilliant, Sue. Sadly brilliant.

  2. Amen. I notice you have a quote from B. Tuchman along the side of your post. She wrote a BRILLIANT book called "The March of Folly" which describes very bad decisions caused by group think (read Tea Party here). Everyone should read it. The dismantling of our public libraries and schools is an example of bad decision making happening in our own time.