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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The L word

I have been criticized for claiming that members of our loudest anti-tax group in Troy lie.
I know it sounds harsh.
I know it is rude.
But what else can you call their constant, intentional tactic of cheating and disinforming to get what they want?
If you have any colorful suggestions, send them over.


  1. So, in your mind, it's ok to be rude? As long as the end justifies the means? Is that what you tell children? Nice.

  2. Well, I don't know another word for an out-and-out lie. I mean, how else do you say it? Suggestions?

  3. Malicious deception? premeditated untruths? Horse Hockey? intentional misinformation? Well, I guess Lie is the most clean cut option. Anonomous: We tried nice, we tried calm, we provided a glimpse of reality, to no avail. So to save Troy from the zealots, yes it's okay to be rude. Just like it's okay to fight back when being bullied. And that is what I tell my child!