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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Janice Daniels' hypocrisy (the smoking gun)

-from Rob
(Thanks, Rob for the evidence that she's proud NOT to care about children, libraries and property values)
How convenient for Janice Daniels to suddenly get amnesia about her active role in wrecking every effort to keep the library open by legitimate means (I.e. Prop 1, any millage whatsoever).  So now, she's always supported the library and what it means to our community?  Aw, really?
Her own words say otherwise.  Janice, in case you've forgotten, you wrote a column for the Oakland Press back in August of 2010 where you complained about having to support, financially or otherwise, things like libraries, children, etc.  But don't take my word for it—here are yours, verbatim from your column:

"And, closer to home, what about those folks who prefer to keep the hard earned fruits of their labor in their own pocketbooks instead of in the taxman’s coffers or the politico’s war chest — Guilty — Uncaring, unconcerned, uncommitted to the advancement of (you fill in the blank for the issue of the moment: Children, libraries, home values, poor people, old people, safe streets, parks, museums, fairs, Washington insiders). The list of issues that you should be ashamed of yourself for not supporting is as endless as the requests for taxes or retributions or contributions or revenue enhancements or commitments or condemnations."
It's always been about nothing but the money for you, hasn't it Janice?  If you ever actually set foot in the library and saw how it is used by so many every day and what it means as Troy's real civic centerpiece, maybe you wouldn't have taken such a low road to ensure its closing. Maybe a self-proclaimed patriot such as you might have realized how important libraries are to a country like ours—you know, the old educated, informed citizen thing. But somehow I doubt it in your case.
Honestly, I don't know how you look at yourself in the mirror each day.

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  1. The comments in her OP piece are priceless. Looks like long before I had ever heard of the harpy folks were on to her ways.

  2. well said. now publish it in a paper.

  3. I just can't stop smiling. Awesome! Well done.

  4. Why doesn't this failed realtor who can't afford to live here (for whatever reason) just move already? She obviously hates Troy and a good number of the people who live her. She doesn't want our quality of life, so get out.

  5. Harpy. Good word. She's obviously not been successful enough here to be able to afford living here. Why does she get to decide how we want to live? I've paid taxes for 35 years to build the amenities we have here in Troy, along with alot of other folks who liked it just the way it was. I am MORE than willing to pay for the support of quality of life venues. I suggest that there are places in South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, to name a few, that have enough open space that she would not be required to live in a community. Go there Janice!