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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Janice Daniels cares about the library? Since when!?

People may wonder why I get so angry about TCU and its leaders and their constant unethical toying with facts, truth and reality. Well, folks, here's a perfect example for you.
Janice Daniels wrote recently on FB about her concern for the
"closed library with the community impact, the public image downside, the lost educational and enjoyment opportunities of citizens, children and schools and the damage to the books and materials..."
"The weight of a closed library in terms of future tax revenue enhancements and city image..." 
Last year, before the election for Proposal 1, I often spoke before city council about my desire for Proposal 1 to pass for my children's sake. 
At a meeting where I spoke about the library and my neighbors and their daughter also spoke, Janice Daniels (and Tom Burke) mocked us for "pulling at people's heartstrings" by using children as pawns as we argued to save the library, as if we were making up some wacky relationship between children and libraries - ha ha ha!
She also said that she knows as a brilliant realtor that no one considering buying a home in Troy cares whether we have a LIBRARY (always said in her shrill, mocking tone), "People moving to Troy only care about LOW TAXES!"
And now, behold! Janice Daniels, who worked tirelessly to defeat library saving Proposal 1 suddenly cares about children and libraries and justice and education.
My feelings are real and don't change with the political wind. I speak up to prove who these people are.
These people have no shame!
These people have no ethics!
They are cynical political operatives whose opinions change with the current political environment. They will say whatever they have to say to get what they want.
DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. Their words and values change day to day.

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  1. Gotta love it. I was thinking the same thing. Talk about being hypocritical - she used her son's military photo (large size) to plead to the council to do the right thing! While your neighbor's children made a sincere plea, TCU's tactics are merely more smoke and mirrors to get attention and divert people from the truth. This woman wants to run for office. Can you imagine the state of the city if she and her accomplices win?

  2. Sharon, with God as my witness, you and I did not speak in specific about last night's session with Maureen McGinnis. But I could have written this piece WORD FOR WORD based on Ms. Daniel's performance at the meeting.

    Suddenly, SHE is the biggest advocate for a library? Suddenly, SHE denies what she shared in public on record at council about what you reference above regarding "no one ever asks me" about our silly little library?

    And ESPECIALLY this...suddenly SHE is pulling at all our heartstrings for what the community is losing with our lost library???

    Hyposcrisy of the highest order.

  3. If Janice Daniels or any more of TCU hypocrits get into office I will have no choice but to pack up and leave. I'm sure many others feel the same way. If TCU is running the city, it will be the end. WE will be in receivership and bankrupt. The time is now to start fighting for the LIFE of our city.

  4. Oh, my God! OMG

  5. "Oh, my God! OMG " .. LOL@Anonymous ... Different Anonymous <---

  6. Now she is arguing that what she said was TRUE. People really DO ask about taxes not the library, how dare people question the VERACITY of that...
    No one questions it is TRUE, sweetie, we say that you SAID it as part of your campaign to show how UNIMPORTANT and UNWORTHY the library was of our 100 bucks a year. You don't get to cry crocodile tears for it now. YOU HELPED KILL IT!

  7. And by the way, Janice, as we all said repeatedly after you said this infamously heartless comment...
    Of course no one asked about the library. Why would anyone think Troy wouldn't have a library? But they know now, don't they?
    Nice work.

  8. When I moved to Troy I didn't ask about a library because who would assume a city didn't have one? No one needed to ask that until now. I work for an organization that is bringing in hundreds of new employees to the area and NO ONE is looking in Troy. People research communities before they bother looking for houses and I keep hearing that "Troy doesn't want a library" and "Troy has a bunch of troublemakers" so they don't bother looking here. Also, when I moved here I triple checked the taxes because I could not believe the deal I was getting in comparison to Shelby Township, the Rochesters, Bloomfield, etc. If you think the taxes in Troy are too high, then don't move here. Go to another city where taxes meet your budget. Don't try to screw others because you bought more than you can afford.

  9. Someone said JD makes her pleas to city counsel holding a picture of her son who is the military. Does she realize tax dollars pay his salary? What if some group decided his service wasn't worth their tax dollars and worked against him like she is working against city workers? Also, he is supported every day by dedicated civil servants who make sure he has the best equipment and the best training. Does she think that is a waste of her tax dollars? Does she want some minimum wage, uneducated worker supportiing him? The hypocrisy is unbelieveable. Our tax dollars go for alot of things that make this country and our city liveable. Be careful what boats you rock because it may come back to haunt you.