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Thursday, March 10, 2011


From Sue...with apologies to Rob Reiner...

"Oh, come on...they'll never close the library! That's inconceivable!"

The library is closing on May 1, 2011.

I guess that word really doesn't mean what we thought it meant.

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  1. I've been extremely upset with the library closing. Since my property taxes have decreased, I have no problem paying a little more now (and that's still less than what I paid when I moved to Troy) to keep the services that first attracted me to this city in the first place.

    Troy had a "brand", to use a business term, that attracted consumers (homebuyers) to the city. Let's face it. No one comes to Troy because of the climate. With the reduction in services, Troy will lose its competitive edge to attract consumers. With that, there will be a further reduction in property values, and less money, and, so, less chance to ever restore our services.

    For me to keep the library open was $7 a month, and I felt that was a fair bargain to keep up my standard of living and the value of my property.

    I am very sad that most Troy residents did not feel the same way.