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Thursday, March 17, 2011

How dishonest are they?

Let's count the lies on TCU's front page:


Monday night, MARCH 21, the Troy City Council is considering passing a PERMANENT TAX INCREASE of up to 1 mill for the library.
Lie #1) They are not considering it
Lie #2) It would not be permanent, but rather annually renewable
Incredibly, they could do this WITHOUT A VOTE OF THE PEOPLE OF TROY. This is what the voters defeated only 4 months ago! Indeed, voters have said no to tax increases in two elections in less than a year!
Lie #3) They COULD do it based on Michigan law. Could....could.... By law I could own a snake, but I don't want to.... what the heck is the point?
Lie #4) Is City Council guilty of something they haven't done because the law allows them to? My BS-ometer is in the red zone!
This tax increase will be permanent. 
Lie #5) No, the tax that does not exist and will not be considered would not be permanant -- by law the city would have to reapprove it each year -- why don't they read the damn thing?
It cannot come up for a renewal vote of the people because the people won’t be allowed to vote on it in the first place. 
Lie #6) Of course, because that's what the law says
This might be allowed under an old 1877 library state law that is still on the books. No clear legal justification has been offered.
Lie #7) They don't have to justify what they don't want, don't write a resolution for and don't vote on and don't even discuss -- but if they did I guess the justification would be it would fund a library....
This was proposed at the February 7 meeting, 
Lie #8) No it was NOT PROPOSED! Mr. Szerlag said it was a possibility based on, um, a field of possibilities to save the library. No city council member proposed it or recommended it -- they ignored it. I know! I wish they had voted it in, TCU, but they didn't even mention it!
even though cash reserves came in at $1.7 million more than budgeted, 
Lie #9) that 1.7 has already been put toward other losses, losses Mr. Howrylak forgot to mention when he tallied his happy fake numbers
and a pension contribution at $0.4 million less. This unanticipated $2.1 million extra cash flow would fund the library through June 30, 2012 - with no effect on other city operations. 
Lie #10) The losses announced at a November meeting were 1.5 million, which takes care 
of most of these gains. 

10 LIES?


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