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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Denial ain't just a river

Why do Troy folks keep believing the kooky anti-taxers?
No matter what wacky thing these people say, Troy folks seem to lap up every word. You hear it at grocery stores, at your kids' school, in the viewing room at dance class and even in line at the library.
Even as the library is set to close in less than 2 months, Troy residents seem to still believe the TCU lies that the city hasn't laid off any workers (they've laid off 100), that there is a pot of gold hiding in the mayor's desk (city revenues are shrinking by millions each year), that we could have 9 million bucks if we just stopped the transit center (it's all federal and state money that will go back if we don't build it), blah, blah, blah...
I think it's denial because people don't WANT to believe how much trouble all of Michigan is in, let alone dear Troy. But we are all in trouble.
The library is closing because the city is going broke due to falling property values.
1. City council voted to de-fund the library. 
2. The people believed TCU lies and voted down a lousy 1.9 mill increase in February of 2010.
3. The people believed TCU and Howrylak lies and voted down Proposal 1.
4. The city council refused to take matters into its own hands and save the library using a special Michigan Library Law.
And so it will close.
And now, as Sue pointed out, millions of Troy dollars will be heading to other cities and other libraries as our property values continue to shrink because what family wants to buy in a city with NO LIBRARY!?
Those foreclosed houses will stay empty. 
Because lies are so very easy to believe. 
And courage is so very hard.

'Falsehood is so easy, truth so difficult"
-George Eliot

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