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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Daily Tribune and former councilman warn risks of 2nd Kempen Petition

The Royal Oak Daily Tribune has taken the Oakland Press's article about new ways people are fighting to save the library and concluded the best chance to save our library was Proposal 1.
Does the OpEd say Troy voters hould scurry to support Kempen's 2nd petition? No. They even blame the TCU/Howrylak/Gosselin 3 fake proposals for dooming the library!
About petition No. 1?
Judge Denise Langford Morris ruled the petition would have constrained efficient administration of the city and that it was not truly legislative.We, too, thought it unnecessarily tied the city's hands, forcing it to cut elsewhere, in areas that might be even more painful. Kempen didn't suggest where those cutbacks might be found.He had also started to circulate the current petition, the one asking for a charter amendment instead of an ordinance, but held it back until legality of the other was determined.The better move was a proposal offered last year by Friends of the Troy Library. Taking a route of many Michigan communities, those in Macomb and Oakland included, it proposed a dedicated tax for the library. It had a good chance at passage, we thought, until three nearly identical proposals also advanced to last November's ballot. Those intentionally confused some voters and angered others. All were defeated.But that's the direction those wishing to preserve the library need to take, along with continuing grass-roots campaign support. That support is all the more needed if the phonies try again to confuse voters.
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Also, former city council member Dave Lambert is apparently concerned that if the petition does pass this time, it could hurt the city and cause us to lose our police department to outsourcing. He wrote on his blog:
"If this petition reaches the ballot, hopefully it will lead to full and accurate discussion of the potential impact of the proposal on the City’s budget. Passage of this proposal in light of the City’s current budgetary situation would probably require even more cuts to the Police department or the outsourcing of law enforcement to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department."
Do you want to help save the library and save Troy?
Go see what the new grassroots organization in Troy is up to.

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  1. Here's an e-mail I sent today to all members of the City Council. Ken Bixby

    Yesterday, my wife and I became non-resident patrons of the Sterling Heights Public Library. The staff there was delightful and the library seems to fit our needs. But, it's not the TPL with it's super staff and, there is the matter of the $200 we handed over (per year) and the 20 mile roundtrip vs 4 miles for the TPL. Also, 25 minutes vs 5 (spend a bit more on gas).

    Let's see if I've got this right. $200 per year gets us the SHPL or, for $200 (or less) per year we could have had the TPL, streets plowed, other city services retained and, the value of our property might not fall quite so much. Which of you will explain the logic of this to us?

    I have this urge to send Howrylak an invoice for the $200 (maybe Fleming too). But Howrylak strikes me as a man with limited intelligence and with no sense of humor, so I doubt he would grasp the irony or the humor.

    Yes, yesterday was a sad day for us. Just one of a series we've had since those intent on destroying Troy have convinced a gullible public to accept their lies and intentional deception. Here's where I start to get wound up and babble, so, time to head over to the SHPL.

    Ken Bixby
    3717 Old Creek Rd