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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Crystal balls

Last week I looked into my crystal ball and foresaw that everything on TCU's website front page would not happen! They said on March 21, Troy's City Council would hit us with a surprise tax!!!!!
See my brilliant soothsaying here!
I must be a genius!
How could I have possibly known that everything they wrote was nonsense?
It's easy. I've been fact-checking them since October of 2010. Nothing surprises me anymore.
It's like the joke: 
Q: How do you know if  Mr. X is lying? 
A: Check to see if his lips are moving.
As for their prognosticating? Time to get their crystal ball fixed.


  1. Sharon, did you strain your arm while trying to pat yourself on the back?

  2. (whisper: i'ts humor...i'm not really proud because it was easy! but thanks for the concern)

  3. Well the city manager proposed a tax to be considered at that council meeting, and there was so much public opposition to it days before, the city council wisely didn't even bring it up. Had there not been a voice, your crystal ball wouldnt have been worth the price you paid for it.

  4. Hi Anon
    1) No, I was talking about this week's meeting, at which anyone could have known it wouldn't be discussed, because it was a special meeting. The Homepage of that group was trying to whip up a frenzy in absence of any threat.
    2)TCU does not equal "public"