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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

April 4 -- another date to remember -- or will it live in infamy?

I'm thrilled that Martin Howrylak may be willing to support the last-second funding of Troy's library. It's especially amazing because Mr. Howrylak has done so much to ensure the library's closing in the past.
But hey, I say let bygones be bygones. If he wants to redeem himself by doing the right thing--great!
However, not many people believe that Mr. Howrylak is being sincere. They are certain he is going to play his old bait-and-switch yet again, like last year when he promised to support a millage for the library, then one week before the election sent out a letter filled with"untruths" (shall we say) about the impact of Proposal 1.
So the idea that he wants to save the library today, well, it is the least he can do, though it stretches the imagination.
My children would be grateful. 
Have I just read too many books? Too many novels? I believe the apparent heartless lout can redeem himself and be the hero in the end? Blame the library.
So, what's it going to be next Monday? 
Is he going to forward a resolution that council pass the Michigan State Library Law with sufficient funding to maintain a real, stable library? 
Or is he going to prove his haters right by 1) offering .4 mills so the library limps along 3 days a week? 2) Get other members to vote yes and then vote no and scream GOTCHA? or 3) try to ram through a budget using money that doesn't exist, endangering the city's very existence. 
The silence of all of his followers isn't giving me hope. They should be mad, as they bitterly threatened council members who never even mentioned the State Library Law. 
Hmmm, what could they all be up to?
And even if he motioned to approve the millage, would the other members bite?
We should know more this Friday when the council meeting agenda comes out.
I wish the library wasn't such a political game to everyone involved. 
I have kids in elementary school. The library's future is not a game to us.


  1. What the heck is the "Michigan State Library Law" option? I've never heard of such a thing.

  2. Sharon, I'll give this one a try, if you feel it is in error, please don't post. The Michigan State Library Law states that a city council can, without the vote of the citizen, impose up to 1 mil. tax increase to fund an independent library. This increase must be renewed every year by council. It is the same Law, but another section, that the supporters of Proposal 1 used in an attempt to save the library in November. In November we were asking for a 10 year millage for an independent library.