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Monday, March 14, 2011

Another citizen is FED UP!

from Rob
After long weeks and months spent watching the same tired Monday “Martin Show,” I’m fed up. I’m not saying anything here you haven’t already said, I’m sure, but maybe this summary will make a difference to someone, somewhere.
I’m fed up with seeing city council meetings dominated week after week by our Harry Potter-lookalike, Martin Howrylak, who sets the negative agenda for what goes on in this city—a person who has never done one positive thing for this city that I can think of. Not one.
I’m fed up that Howrylak acts as if he has no knowledge of the budgets that have been approved while he has been in office, and tries to evade responsibility for them by putting forth meaningless and potentially damaging resolutions for using city funds that he knew were already spoken for and whose use could jeopardize this city’s bond rating—It’s either political grandstanding or just incompetence, take your pick.
I’m fed up that Howrylak recently told another councilman, a former police officer who spent his career protecting this community, to “man up.”  Really?  Are you kidding me? He said that to an ex-cop?
I’m fed up with people standing in front of council blaming hard-working, tax-paying city employees for Troy’s fiscal problems, when any rational person should be able to see this is about the vastly smaller revenue that comes in now that property values have dropped for everyone here.  Hello…There’s a “for lease” sign in front of hundreds of commercial building in Troy.  Kmart’s gone. Look at your own home property tax bill and see how far it’s dropped in the last few years.  Do you really think the ever-shrinking pool of city employees, the majority of whom make less than 40,000 dollars a year, are the reason we’re in fiscal trouble? And do you really think we’re going to have the same services that we had when times were good?
I’m fed up with the leaders of Troy Citizens United standing there saying, gosh, they want to keep their “beloved” library open when most of them probably have never set foot in it, volunteered to do anything for it, or even thought about the library until the possibility of, god forbid, having to pay a little extra to keep it open came up. Let’s be honest, all TCU really cares about is using the library issue to further their own political ambitions--and misleading others into voting against legitimate attempts by people who actually do care about our soon-to-be-closed world-class library to keep itopen.
I’m fed up with watching these same people stand here and throw out easily refuted accusations about money for transit centers, road projects, et cetera, during these public comments week after week, and thenleaving immediately, not sticking around to hear their repetitive and inaccurate assertions corrected by council or city managers.  How about staying for the second half of the meeting for a change. At the very least, try going to the city’s website to see the budgets, how much money there is and where it goes.
Finally, I’m fed up with people lying and cheating to achieve their goals. People who apparently will be satisfied to see Troy gutted, a laughing-stock of a city without the outstanding police protection and world class library we’ve enjoyed…the list goes on.  In the near future, Troy will be a far lessattractive place for families looking for great schools to move to--as those schools will decline, it will be even harder to sell a house here…all because a group of ideologues wanted to save a few lousy bucks.

Sharon's note -- Join me here at KTS or join the good people at TRUST ( and on Facebook) and make yourselves heard. Help stop the rapid decline of our city. Fight against this machine that is DESTROYING Troy.

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