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Sunday, February 20, 2011

You think we've got it bad? Garden City to ask for 12 Mills!

Proposed budget ‘devastating' to city

Written by Sue Buck

Feb 20, 2011|

Communities in Michigan have experienced $4 billion in cuts to statutory revenue sharing made by the governor and Legislature over the past 10 years.
That's what Garden City Interim City Manager Darwin McClary said in response to Gov. Rick Snyder's budget announcement Thursday.
“The city of Garden City alone is receiving $1.3 million less per year in state revenue sharing than it did 10 years ago and is facing an estimated $4.2 million budget deficit starting July 1,” McClary said. “Governor Rick Snyder's proposed cut to eliminate statutory revenue sharing for fiscal year 2012 is a continuation of a decade-long pattern of the governor and the Legislature breaking their promise of funding to support essential services in neighborhoods and communities across the state.”
He called cuts of this magnitude as “devastating” to Garden City,
“They threaten public safety and threaten to push our community ever closer to financial insolvency,” McClary said. “When our communities lay off additional police officers and firefighters, as roads and bridges crumble and parks and libraries close, who will want to live in Michigan? How can Governor Snyder tell working families and senior citizens that he must tax them more to close a $1.4 billion state budget gap while, at the same time, propose to cut taxes for businesses by $1.8 billion?”
Garden City Mayor Randy Walker used Snyder's speech Thursday to demonstrate the need for the May 3 ballot proposal for a new five-year, 12-mill police and fire millage.
“This is what we have been saying all along,” Walker said. “State revenue sharing is declining and so are property values. We need this millage more than ever.”
The Garden City Council decided Monday to ask for 12 mills in a public safety millage so that it can hire three police officers and one firefighter without fear of having to lay them off.

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