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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Worth Noting

From the comments section below, a reader on the anti-tax/anti-sustainability side of the issue said in response to the work John Szerlag, city manager, has been doing:

"Mr. S has hit the target of 10% reduction in labor costs with only 30% of the labor force. 30% is nice, but in school 30% is a failed grade."

An anonymous reader responded as follows:

"What the above Anonymous, and the tea party folks don't get or just plain ignore, is that the remaining 70 % are union employees with existing contracts. It is not just that Szerlag can wave a magic wand and reduce the remaining labor costs. Under MI Law, Szerlag cannot even force the unions to reopen and renegotiate the existing contracts. No. All City Management can do, and in fact did, is ask the remaining unions to take pay cuts and reduce benefits, and they are meeting in good faith to work this out. But under MI law the union can, and maybe will, say to city management "No way! We aren't making any further concessions" Then where is the City, Mr. Anonymous? The same place the city is at today. The bottom line: if people really want a library then a millage is the only solution. "

Did you get that? Mr. Szerlag is doing everything possible UNDER THE LAW to cut costs in Troy.

That's what the anti-sustainability folks don't want you to know.

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