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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What makes Troy one of the few communities that would vote NO on a library millage?

What happened in other library millages around the state last November?

Belleville: .7 for 12 years
Beverly Hills: less than 1 mill
Dexter: .6925 for 6 years
Eastpointe: .1135 for 5 years
Harper Woods: 1 for 7 years
Inkster: 2 for 10 years
Milford: .38 for 10 years
Northville: .2 for 5 years
Ypsilanti: .38 in perpetuity
Bloomfield Hills:.671 for 6 years
Troy: .9887 for 10 years


  1. Here's an interesting fact. Two of the precincts that voted down the library millage are in the Bloomfield Hills School District. So maybe the real question is "What's the matter with Bloomfield Hills?"

  2. Anonymous, the precincts that are in the Bloomfield Hills School District are still in the City of Troy. So, I guess I don't get your point.

    Also, the Bloomfield Hills library millage was for the tiny, 5 square mile CITY of Bloomfield Hills. The much larger Bloomfield Hills TOWNSHIP maintains an awesome library ( Also, the CITY of Bloomfield Hills has historically reimbursed their residents the $200 annual cost to get a Troy library card. However, that option for BH residents will be going away soon.