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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We told the truth and used the facts

As Sue said, we were correct in our comments at the Troy City Council meeting on Feb 6. The facts were on our side. Yet many people, who were new to the whole debate, thought we were the bad guys because we sounded "anti-library." We are anything but that. But we are also anti-disinformation.
I remember last year, when the facts were also on our side about the benefits of having an independent library. People often said we were emotional and they were factual. I think we come OFF as emotional because it is so frustrating to do the homework, learn the truth and then hear people giving all the incorrect information at the microphone.
Some of them are just wrong.
Some do it on purpose--it's the definition of disinformation--to fill people's heads with nonsense so they'll vote in your favor, right or wrong.
In Troy, it is time for people to start seeking the truth rather than seeking a hero. You can't believe what anyone says every time.
The research isn't hard. The budget is on the website. You can calculate your taxes for years in the past. Find out if they've gone down.

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