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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Troy Public Library supporters voted YES in November

At a recent city council meeting, a gentleman demanded that the city remove a message from the Troy Public Library's blog that said thanks to people who had voted YES on the November Library Millage that would have guaranteed secure funding for our library for the next 10 years. The blog thanked them for their support of the library.
How DARE anyone imply that if you voted NO against the millage you don't support the library, he sputtered.
Well, as we who worked to save the library with REAL funding were screaming to the wind back then, "If you vote YES, we have a library, if you vote NO we don't have a library. Those are the choices."
So forgive me, sir, but reality is reality.
If you wanted a library you should have voted yes....
Our library closes in 88 days.


  1. I wish I could agree with what you said. Unfortunately, I will be voting "NO" not because I'm against the library but because I'm against the excessive salaries that our city management officials receive. The fact that 13 of these individuals make more than the governor of Michigan is outrageous. If you really want to keep that library open there should be a bill to reduce all of their salaries NOT to impose unnecessary taxes. We all get to keep our wonderful library without paying more for NOTHING.

  2. Anonymous (Janice or Dave or whoever) if you vote NO because of that you are a fool. That is a TCU lie. The governor's salary is $175,000. All of their salaries are below that. TCU is comparing his salary to the 13 employee's benefit package PLUS "potential payouts" like potential workman's comp.
    If you are really not just a TCU stooge yourself, I want you to know that as someone who believes in TCU garbage without checking the facts YOU are the problem in Troy.
    They are a few extremists nutjobs. Good people who believe their trash are allowing them to destroy my kids' hometown.
    Knock it off, learn the truth and vote YES on Tuesday.