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Friday, February 4, 2011

Troy Citizens United demands magic - Do More with Less!

TCU folks are unhappy.
The folks at TCU--who brought us the 2008 millage cap that has locked our tax millage which, as property values go down, makes our city a little poorer every second of the day--want to pay less and less taxes, cut more and more staff and yet they are confused as to why city services are slowing down.
Jeepers, they wonder, why is it taking longer to plow snow off my street? Just because my taxes are way down and I keep demanding they cut employee costs at city hall? But I still want my street cleared... hey!
Hey, I know we're losing revenues by the millions, but I want a library, for FREE... NOW!!!!!
On their Facebook page they are also blaming the city for
  • Having 2 Macy's in Troy
  • Not tearing down Oakland Mall(?)
  • the empty Kmart building
  • Not knowing that property values would go down in Troy and not predicting the recession (if I'd known, I wouldn't have bought in Troy in 2005!)
  • Not preparing for hard times, even though the city has been complimented by none other than the ICMA folks, Marty Knollenburg and John Pappageorge for dealing with the economic crisis earlier and with a longer term, multi-year budget than most cities.
  • Paying Troy city employees the same as other cities pay their employees--shocking!
  • Blaming the city employees for having jobs -- damn them (except for the hundred and some who have been laid off)
  • Getting the same benefits that other cities give their employees - scandal!
  • the city manager couldn't make the "simple changes" required to deal with revenues shrinking by millions each year
  • Charging fees to a resident that he should have known he would be charged
  • That the ICMA report didn't find more money, though that was not it's goal, the goal was to find a way to survive in spite of the fact that the city is under-funded
  • That the ICMA report didn't mention the Constitution (oops, no, that was some crackpot comment at the meeting).
They also are angry at people defending the city for 
  • Having good vocabularies
  • Being mean to people (because they are so sweet and kind and respectful?)
  • Being snobs because they know stuff - the nerve!
Not an exhaustive list...just a quick glance.
To paraphrase Ms. Palin, they'll be blaming city council and staff for the demonstrations in Egypt soon. 


  1. Yep, we wouldn't have bought a house in 2005 had we known of the coming recession. And we would definitely not have bought in Troy had we known of the existence of TCU and the stupidity of it all.

  2. you forgot to include this wacky-weird post:
    "Private incomes are down, inflation is up, property values are down, industrial / comercial vacancies are up and... unemployment is still high (even after dropping all the 99ers from the rolls.)

    Taxable assets is not independant from tax rate. Raising taxes has an exasperating effect on all of the items listed above. Cuts need to be made and yes that includes public employee compensation - nickles and dimes add up to dollars."

    We all know raising tax rates Saves people money, and attracts businesses!

  3. Who mentioned taxes?
    You wanted your low taxes, you got 'em.
    Stop whining! What money do you think pays for libraries and snow plowing? The kind made of pixie dust?

  4. Here are a few more that I've seen in black and white, though when you call anyone on this BS they claim they're just JOKING...having FUN...and that we need to chill out.

    From D: positive the cement in front of his house isn't fixed because he's a frequent complainant to City Hall.

    From W: knows they ignore his plowing because he's so vocal.

    From L: anyone who gets plowed must live near the mayor.

    Somehow, the lack of mail delivery from the UNITED STATES postal service is also the fault of the City of Troy.

    But know...they're just joking. They're not really upset. Eye roll.

  5. Sharon Said: "Who mentioned taxes?"

    Sue Martin did: "...the 2008 millage cap that has locked our tax millage.."

  6. My mistake. I wrote the original piece, by the way.
    I meant to write, "Who mentioned raising taxes?"(Can't edit comments on blogger and I didn't want to erase and do it over.)
    Your message was all the reasons we should not raise taxes, yet I had not suggested raising taxes.
    I suggested that since y'all want low taxes perhaps you shouldn't complain about crappy city services.
    However, if you think having sucky city services and no library are better for a city's attractability than raising taxes a mill or two, I would disagree.

  7. There was also a comment that the roads were better south of Troy. Yes, and their tax rates are higher also. Those cities also do not provide any of the fine services that we used to at an exceptionally low rate. It's too bad the library is closing, a lot of those posters could use some education! If they don't know how to find it, the librarians would help them. Oh, I forgot, you really don't need the fine librarians either. Someone without the credentials would be just fine. Right!

  8. Heh, just reminded me of my favorite librarian comment. One realtor who is a frequent TCU FB page commenter said all he'd need would be "a few training classes" to be able to take over the job of the library director.

    So...we're in good hands, right? Bwwahhaaa!

  9. Here is my issue - Republicans don't corner the market on "personal responsibility and accountability". My spouse and I have bothered to obtain advanced degrees, with professional certifications, to ensure we could keep or obtain new jobs if necessary. We bought LESS house than we could afford and we have always lived below our means saving for a rainy day. Now I am suppose to live in a city without a library because people don't have or can't get the type of jobs they want (my assumption based on how they write is there aren't too many college graduates among them), bought more than they can afford and are just not as smart as they think. My family should not have to pay because someone decided to move into a city they could not reasonably afford to live in. So my property value is down, and will continue to go down because of "real estate" agents and city council members who represent themselves, who have no clue as to what sells a house or community ruining a great city. I am now stuck here with these people and their small-minded ideas. So to all of TCU, suck it up, if you can't afford to live in Troy do us all a favor and leave. Or maybe spend more time bettering your situation instead of tearing everything around you down.
    And TCU, I hire ALOT of people and have for years. I haven't read one post that makes me see any of you as viable propects for a good job that pays well. Negativity doesn't get you very far in the business world.

  10. Great Site! At Last a place to dispel the rumors the TCU spreads. By the way since two of the biggest "commenters" on TCU are realators, I say that they should cut thier commission by 20% next time they sell a house......

  11. The above comment is extremely counterproductive.