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Monday, February 14, 2011

There is sooooo much dis-information

My, my what a lot of propaganda!!! This is a discussion on the Troy Library website, which shows just how little the first poster knew. 

"there were convoluted millage proposals, myself, had to read it several times because the other millage proposals had changed one number in the figure for the mills.  There should have been just the one millage and it may have passed, like in Warren." 
Response: Troy Citizens United people (or Bob Gosselin's friends) put 3 of the 4 proposals on the ballot to confuse you and kill the proposal. So that is not the fault of those fighting for the library, it was the fault of those who now claim to care about the library.
"I have spoken to many people and, if possible, i believe, people would be willing to write a check directly to the library to fund it rather than place in our taxes, which could be used for other things such as above."
Response: How many people would have to write checks to make up the 2-4 million dollar budget? Better get started.
"If the City did not conduct frivolous lawsuits against Hooters..."
Response: Hooters sued us because the ultra-conservatives in city council all those years ago tried to refuse them a liquor license. Kinda irrelevant today. Only one left from that group to blame is Mr. Howrylak.
"I don't know all the rules and ramifications, but if other cities' libraries are surviving it is because they do things differently."
Response: Only Troy has a self-imposed (by the voters in 2008, lead by TCU) millage cap. In the past the government could have rasied our rate to save amenities, but now city council can do nothing. Our millage rate is the 3rd lowest of 19 full-service cities in Oakland County. We are starving our city OURSELVES! Your taxes go down and city budget has to go down. Also, city mgr responsibly did a 3-year in advance budget. Other communities are having library trouble too. Biggest difference, they care about their libraries and vote yes on library millages.
"Another alternative would be to, in lieu of providing 10 year tax abatements to attract businesses, those businesses should help support the library and those employees could be provided a card to use the library at a nominal fee."
Response: Against the law. Do some research, please.
"If it closes, other neighboring libraries....Rochester Hills, Utica, Warren, Birmingham, will assess probably $100-$200 user outl-of-resident annual fee to check out items..." 
Response: Not true. Many of theose libraries will refuse us because they can't handle 30,000 new members.
"...Why not keep those funds here to support our own!"
Response: Because y'all voted down the $100 a year tax increase. perhaps? 

My question to the person posting the original message? Why the hell did you vote against Proposal 1?

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