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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snow Removal

Thanks to my neighbors voting down the millage increase last year, I don't have to go to Cedar Pointe this year. It was a thrill ride just getting out of the sub this morning. I also got stuck last evening returning home from the City Council meeting. Thanks to the young man who stopped to help me out.

It was sobering to hear Mary Kerwin say the city has spent almost all of the snow removal budget for the year (and it is only February!).


  1. I never had a complaint about the amount of time it took to clear subdivisions until this year. I know that previous to the last two big storms snow accumulation has been 4 inches or more, yet the subdivisions were not plowed. And I know this is due to budgetary issues that the service is not what it was.

    From the city website:

    "Why don't subdivisions always get plowed?
    Plowing operations on local roads (subdivisions) will be initiated when snow accumulates more than 4 inches. These 250 miles of local roads take 72 hours to clear after a snowstorm passes. When snow accumulates 8+ inches or we have complications like freezing rain, clearing will take longer than the standard 72 hours. For snowfalls less then 4 inches, we salt and treat the hills, intersections and curves as needed."

    I KNOW the 72 hour period is a change due to budget. It used to be a city point of pride that ALL roads, subdivisions included, were cleared of snow 48 hours after a snow event.

    And that's a shame, because it is getting dangerous to try to leave your home even in smaller snow events.

  2. Who are the first ones to complain about a lack of service? Oh, that's right...the ones who don't want to pay for any services.

    It's not about punishing anyone. It's making all those difficult choices all you anti-sustainability folks want the city to make.

    You whine about them cutting spending, then you whine when it's not the spending you want cut.

    You whine about them not asking for your input, then when they talk about asking for citizen engagement/input, you whine about how much THAT'S gonna cost, and why didn't they do it sooner.

    You whine about paying so much in taxes, yet your taxes have gone down consistently.

    Entitled people whine.
    Entitled people want things for free.

    There is no such thing as getting city services for free. Not even libraries...

  3. This snow removal issue has really gotten my ire up. I had to to go to Roseville this morning. I left my house at 9:45. The roads in Troy were terrible - Coolidge and Big Beaver were packed down piles of snow and ice. Lots of cars stuck in the medians. Saw two police officers trying to push a car out that was blocking traffic on Big Beaver. Crossed over Dequindre into Macomb County and it was like a different world. Drove through Sterling Heights, Warren, Fraser, Eastpointe and Roseville. Every street on my route was clear. We moved here five years ago from Detroit, where we paid high taxes and got bad service. We had something to complain about there. So we moved to Troy to improve our lives. Sorry we didn't chose some other place. I am really starting to hate it here. I don't understand any of this. If people don't want to pay for a service, then fine, but don't whine and complain like small children when that service is not offered. So now we will apparently again be living in another craphole city. All for the sake of a few extra bucks. Thanks, TCU and tax-fighters.