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Monday, February 28, 2011

Playing to Win

From Sue...

For nearly three years, the residents of our city have been playing by a losing strategy crafted by the anti-tax coaches. Using their game book, a charter amendment was passed in 2008 that prevents city council from raising the operating millage in order to keep the city sustainable. An election last February that asked voters to increase the millage failed after the electorate was wrongly coached by the anti-tax crew that it would unjustly raise our taxes 29%. (In reality, it raised the operating millage portion of the total mill rate 29% -- but we’d only have gone from roughly 9 mills to 11 mills overall, and it would only have raised the average bill $100-200).

Just last November, Proposal 1 to form an independent library was defeated – in large part to the anti-tax strategy of placing three additional and very misleading ballot measures alongside the one viable proposal. Combine that with the “special teams” deployment of the Kempen petition and the Howrylak letter to voters, and the game was lost.

For nearly three years, our city has been losing ground with this anti-tax game plan crafted by TCU, Martin Howrylak and Edward Kempen. We’ve tried to maintain city streets in the winter by not raising revenue needed to do so. We’ve tried Mr. Kempen’s way of keeping our library open with no new taxes, and we’ve seen his petition fail in court. We’ve tried to stay afloat with Mr. Howrylak’s resolution to fund the library that was found last week to be incorrect, possibly unethical and ultimately useless. None of these plans and none of these people have been able to keep city services – like adequately plowed snow – sustainable while keeping our library open beyond May 1.

If you ask any U of M fan about spending three years playing with a losing strategy, you know that being coached by a loser doesn’t get you to the championship.

Troy needs a new game plan.

That game plan requires revenue. But it also requires an electorate willing to educate themselves about the reality of the situation. Good players go home and watch the films, read up on strategy and form a plan of action.

If you are ready to bring Troy to the championship, please inform yourself. There is another voice out there for you. TRUST (Troy Residents Unified for a Strong Troy) is a group of citizens who are non-partisan in philosophy and multi-partisan in membership. See them on Facebook. Share this blog. Get educated. Speak up at a council meeting.

And then play with winners next November.

Because we can no longer afford to be coached by losers...


  1. Ok. I have a question, again. Lately, I have been asking some questions in regards to Troy's precarious situation. What end goal do these TCU people see for themselves. What is their ultimate wish list? Do they not live here like I do? Do they really think a government needs no revenue flow in order to operate? If they feel so strongly about not paying for anything, ever, then why do they not go off the grid all together and live as hermits. Fending for themselves off the fat of the land. Then they would leave the rest of a civilized people to live in a democracy. It brings to mind criminals that spend so much effort into planning their crimes when if they just channeled that effort into a real job, they would be better, honest individuals. What does this get them? I really do not know the answer. Can someone guide me? I hope Anonymous is not the only one that gives me an answer....... I would not want them to be my brain surgeon, let alone my hair stylist. Hair does grow back , but brain matter should not be tampered with.

  2. 'What is their ultimate wish list?' you ask?
    1. Forwarding Libertarian philosophy of limited government--though I love how they say, "Cut my taxes, cut my taxes--Hey, where'd my library and snowplowing go?"
    2. Getting Mr. Howrylak elected mayor in November.