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Sunday, February 27, 2011


I'm sure most of us have seen those game shows where contestants are offered a life line option -- the "phone a friend" chance to get help to find the answer.

We'd like you to phone-a-friend today. Actually, phone several.

1. Ask them what kind of city they really want. Share this entry with them. (click)

2. Share with them how certain anti-tax operatives do math. Share this entry with them. (click)

3. You could even show how long-time Troy observers who are not affiliated with any particular group see the antics of the anti-tax operatives. Share this entry with them. (click)

4. Maybe the friend you phone is a visual learner. Show them this chart (click) and this chart (click) and this picture that shows how our taxes have CONSISTENTLY DROPPED (click)over the years. Ask them if they prefer having the LOWEST TAXES around or the LOWEST LEVEL OF SERVICES.

5. Point them to the city website (click) and show them where to find the meeting agendas and archives (click). As an added bonus, that page gives the e-mail addresses of our entire council. They love hearing from us. Encourage your friends to share their thoughts on the state of our city with each and every council member as often as they feel necessary.

6. In fact, tell your friends to pick specific council members and tell them what they think of their performance (click) in the service of our city (click) week after week (click).

7. Maybe once your phone-a-friends do some research, they might reach the same conclusions some of us have (click).

There's no easy answer

But if we all phone a friend (or 10...20...30...), people might start asking more questions of our city leaders and of themselves.

When people start asking questions...they find answers. Those answers spur action. I'm willing to bet those of us who started asking questions several months ago would rather not know all we know about the state of our fair city or its leaders, both elected and appointed. I never expected to know as much about the finances of our city, the comparisons of our tax bill or the inner workings of a body politic as I do now.

I just knew that Troy worked well.

Now it doesn't.

Phone a friend and share this with them. Maybe they can join us in fixing Troy.

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