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Friday, February 25, 2011

On Mr. Howrylak telling former police captain Dane Slater to "Man up"

snicker snicker
hee hee hee
haw haw haw
snicker snicker snicker


  1. I was truly appalled by Mr. Howrylak's behavior at that meeting. APPALLED.

    That he represents my city is one of the greatest failings in Troy right now.

  2. I'm appalled by behavior of some of the other council members.. snd I will take that to the ballot box in November. You can do the same. But, with the prevailing winds, what do you think will happen in November?

  3. What will happen? Not much to the three who aren't up for re-election. Of the other four, two can ONLY run for mayor: Howrylak and Beltramini. Schilling is done, and Kerwin says she's not running.

    Looks like you can't really do much at the ballot box. Sorry.