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Thursday, February 24, 2011

On May 2, what library can you use?

When the Troy Public Library closes its doors to the public on Sunday, May 1 at 5pm, where can you go?
You can use the Royal Oak Public Library, for $100 per person, per year (hey, that's more than Proposal 1 woulda cost!).

What services will the Royal Oak Public Library provide to Troy cardholders when the Troy Public Library closes?When Troy closes their library then all reciprocal agreements between Troy and other surrounding libraries (members of The Library Network), become null and void. The library records of all Troy residents in the TLN shared system will be blocked effective May 2, 2011, the day after the projected closure of the Troy Public Library. Royal Oak Public Library does sell non-resident cards and a Troy resident can receive library services from the Royal Oak Public Library by purchasing a non resident card for $100. ROPL does not honor other non-resident cards issued by other libraries.
What can you get at Rochester Hills on May 2? Nothing.
What services will Rochester Hills Public Library (RHPL) provide if the Troy Public Library closes?
Essentially none. Troy residents will still be allowed to enter RHPL and browse its collections, for all members of the public have that right. Troy residents will not be able to check out materials, register for programs—including the summer reading program—or receive a number of other services.


  1. I'm amused that some have clicked "disagree" and "U crazy" to this post. What's to disagree with? It's all library policy. Maybe you folks should read the posts before you go out and click that you disagree with everything - LOL!

  2. Maybe this is one of those tidbits of truth our detractors feel is "foolish" or "hard to defend."

    Cause...I mean...we probably just called this library and told them to make this up, right?

    Oh, forgive them...they know not what they do. But they soon will when our city is dismantled and shuttered. I sure hope they don't choke on their tax bills when that happens...I hear the Oakland County Sheriff's Dept. is about to be over-burdened and response times will surely lag.