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Friday, February 25, 2011

No Bull-oney

In this week's Somerset Gazette, there appeared an op-ed piece written by James Kufta. In his piece, Mr. Kufta contends that it is often more difficult to disspell a rumor or illogical belief than it is to convince others to believe it.

I support his logic. Savvy advertising proves it. All it takes is a catchy slogan or visual on a hot topic to quickly sway a consumer or voter to one side or another. Humans are increasingly lazy and far more apt to buy into something short and sweet rather than taking time and effort to research the facts.

Consider last winter's popular lawn sign: VOTE NO ON 29% TAX INCREASE! Well, who WOULDN'T vote no on THAT??? At the time, my total tax bill was close to $5,000/year, and I SURE didn't want to make it $6450! The problem is that sign wasn't wholly accurate. Granted, the brains behind it will challenge you to get out your calculator and see if the 1.9mill increase isn't, in fact, a 29% increase on the portion of your tax bill that represents operating millage, thusly increasing it from 4.someting to 6.something, and therefore...kind of right. But our total tax bill would NOT have gone up 29%. And they knew that.

They just hoped you didn't.

Back to Mr. Kufta...sure, he used a choice word or two in advancing his idea that certain operatives in our city's battles have been employing questionable tactics. But there are only so many labels you can give an obvious ploy. Mr. Kufta called it like he saw it.

And that's no bull.

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