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Friday, February 11, 2011

Never heard of Gosselin?

Just in case you wonder if this Bob Gosselin guy really exists, and really is so active in our Troy politics, here's what he brags about on his website:
  • Spearheaded: "Cut-and Cap" Troy property taxes petition drive -- giving us the third lowest tax millage in Oakland County and the inability to respond to the recession
  • Helped lead the defeat of city 29% tax increase in February, 2010 -- misleading people to think their entire tax bill would go up 29%, and claiming the city had no financial problems
  • Helped lead the defeat of the Troy Library tax increase in November, 2010 -- by faking three proposals to confuse voters, and getting his above ground henchmen--Kempen and Howrylak--to put out nonsense to trick people into voting no AGAINST THEIR OWN INTEREST
  • Local Chairman of Troy/Clawson chapter of Michigan Civil Rights Initiative petition drive, to ban racial preferences in state government and state college admissions -- meaning ANTI-civil rights- they're so clever when they call something the opposite of what it is
  • Currently spearheading drive to replace Troy Police Department with Oakland County Sheriff - you betcha
Yup, he's done Troy proud. We'll have to thank him when the city goes into receivership and Oakland County Sheriff starts patrolling our streets. I'm sure it won't take them long to get to your house...from Pontiac.

And oh yes, I get a lot of requests to add this... from Wikipedia...

Prostitution and indecency allegations

In 2004, Gosselin was the subject of challenger Marty Knollenberg's (son of U.S. Congressman Joe Knollenberg) campaign mailings announcing his 1998 arrest in an undercover prostitution sting and arrest for indecent exposure.[9] Both of the charges against Gosselin were dismissed. When asked by reporters, Gosselin did not give the reason for the dismissal for the solicitation charge. He insisted that he "was on (his) way to a (plant) nursery, pulled over to look at a map and someone approached" his van. He could not address what happened next, saying, "I don't even remember the details about it." The-then prosecuting attorney later said that, in most instances, a case was dismissed in the district court if there was no evidence or if witnesses or the arresting officer failed to show in court. She would not offer further details.[9]
However, with Gosselin term-limited out-of-office, the younger Knollenberg became the Republican nominee for State House in 2006, defeating Mike Bosnic in the August 2006 primary. Bosnic, who also ran in 2004 in a three-way race against Gosselin, was endorsed by Gosselin in 2006. This was seen by many to be due to his neutrality on the alleged solicitation issue. Despite Gosselin's endorsement, Knollenberg won by 7%, or roughly 700 votes, over Bosnic.
But that's OK, he makes up for these little nasty behaviors by doing this:
  • Spearheaded:  Legislation to post "IN GOD WE TRUST" in capitol building in Lansing.
  • Spearheaded:  Legislation to post the "TEN COMMANDMENTS" in the capitol building in Lansing.
  • Spearheaded:  Legislation to change "Holiday Tree" to "CHRISTMAS TREE" in Lansing, on capitol grounds.

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