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Friday, February 11, 2011

Maybe this is what they want for Troy?

When a combination of low revenues and cuts makes a city unsustainable, an Emergency Financial Manager may take over the city. This is what has happened in Pontiac.
  • The writing for unions has been on the wall for several years now. The political climate with the Tea Party and all they bring to the table should be an awakening for government at all levels. Do it by request or by force... it's going to happen.
  • Johnny Szerlag talks a great line...not really, he talks in circles. The bottom line is that there is more he could do in bargaining and with exempt employees along with some of their fixed costs. He may find that with the current and future economics of the situation he may be forced to make some real cuts with his favored sons. Lacking that he may have to cede to an EFM... Our City Council and Administration will find no friends in Lansing.
  •  Also interesting, as I heard it, was that a city would not have to be 'IN' receivership to be in the cross hairs.. If a city is being mismanaged, the EFM could come in at any time... union contracts could be nullified, pension funds would no longer be untouchable. I know its a scary thought but cities better wake up and get their act together and quit playin around. Also, loosely referenced was 'a city.. and their library...' and although not specificallly mentioning Troy, based on Charlie's reaction (a Troy resident BTW).. you can clearly see whats up.
They are licking their Lion chops with Troy being the Lamb at Slaughter.
So let's see, break all the unions, get an emergency manager in town to take away right to self-management and dump our entire police dept in favor of Oakland County Sheriff.
How long you think it will take for them to suggest these things? Keep listening folks.
They sure do love our town.

 You all think Szerlag runs an impenetrable ship? Let's get some power-happy EFM in here and REALLY suffer!

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