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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Local newspaper slams Troy Councilman Howrylak for LIBRARY CLOSURE...again

From a reporter who has been watching TCU and Mr. Howrylak for years. 
Bless him for telling the truth.
From the Feb. 28, 2011 Troy-Somerset Gazette


  1. I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that Howrylack's name won't be on any recall petition. And, it's a good thing the article is 'titled' "Just my opinion".

  2. Yeah, but it's many others' opinions as well. Many. :-D

  3. Helping to destroy something great will also be the legacy of Janice Daniels and her pack of harpies. While on the subject, its funny how Daniels & Co. rant and rave about transparency in government while their own organization is so untransparent it smacks of what Orwell talked about in 1984. If any of these clowns get into Council, we might as well re-name the city Hazel Park II or South Pontiac.

  4. So the people who lived large in the 90s and early 00's and landed in foreclosure (and don't pay taxes) are rewarded by certain council persons helping "ease" their burden. But I lived below my means, saved for a rainy day, and can actually afford to live in the city I bought a house in. My reward, for responsiblity and accountability, is MH/TCU working to close the library and rid of us any city services. Nice. And alot of those in foreclosure have chosen that to get out from under. If they sold their second homes and didn't take 4 vacations a year, they could actually pay their mortgage (I know people doing this). Why should we all be dragged down by people who could not manage their own money? They need to move somewhere they can afford. I really don't understand how they made their personal problems all of ours.

  5. I love that Mr. Kufta is able to state his opinions in an appropriate op-ed forum. Thank goodness we have journalists in Troy who aren't afraid to publish what a growing majority of the residents are thinking.