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Friday, February 11, 2011

The letter TCU isn't sharing on Facebook

TCU posts letters from its fans on its FB site, but here's one, in response to the group's recent misleading "save the library" proposal letter, that you probably won't be seeing there. 
But people are reaching out to us, to anyone, trying to get out the word that these people just don't get it.
Anyone spending 5 minutes researching the numbers in that letter knew that they just didn't add up. Vicki certainly wasn't fooled--
Don't send me any more of your propaganda without including your personal finances and motivations. How many of you are on the verge of losing houses you never should have bought because you couldn't afford them? So now after dragging down my property values with your foreclosures, you voted to drag down my standard of living too by refusing to fund our world class library for just $100 a year. Get lost.

Obviously we have to make tough decisions about what cuts can be made in these economic times. I'll rely on the people I have elected. Because according to your plan, we will force our elected officials to spend all of our nondesignated funds, or our "savings account", to keep the library open for one year. Then what? And what if our projections don't cover the costs of an emergency like a record setting snow storm. That's why I want to see your financial documents before I'll take any of your advise about how my tax dollars are spent. 

I have lived in Troy for more than 25 years. It has always been a great place to live and raise a family. However, with all of your "demands", I don't blame the council for wanting police present at council meetings. Shame on you for tarnishing our image.

Vicki Morang
P.S. Do you really think we want advice from someone who doesn't know how to use spell check or proofread a flyer they are sending out to the whole city!!!!


  1. God bless you, Vicki Morang!!!

  2. Vicki, I would counter with , you can get lost too. Telling someone to 'get lost' because you disagree with their opinion on responsible city government with real cuts first before coming to the consituents for more tax dollars says a lot about the mindset of the people in favor of additional taxes. It's a very agressive position, and one that needs to be countered. So, I'll say it again.. get lost yourself.

    I didnt buy a house I couldnt afford and MY financial house is in order, which is more than I can say for the city.

    Anonymous.. but not a TCU member, not a 25 year resident of Troy (as if that matters), but a tax payer, and voter just the same.