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Monday, February 7, 2011

I Don't Get It

Within the first FIVE MINUTES of the City Council Special Meeting, John Szerlag and John Lamerato verified EVERY SINGLE NUMBER AND FIGURE I referenced in this post.

Now, I ask you...if an English teacher with no financial training who spent the sum total of about 2 hours researching this information can get it right... is it that Martin Howrylak, who has sat through all the budget study sessions he's been through, DIDN'T GET IT? is it that TCU, with all their very well trained accountants and financial professionals they told us tonight they have in their membership, DIDN'T GET IT? is it that all the folks who love to tell me what I don't get every single time I shed light on some of these FACTS DON'T GET IT?

That's what I don't get.


  1. Not to mention that Lamerato, at Slater's request...just fact-checked and blew away every single number on that spurious TCU mailer.

    What a waste of money, time and effort by the TCU...AGAIN.

  2. That budget session was so sobering. Here's what I absolutely DO get: (1) Howrylak's/TCU's plan was off beyond comprehension; (2) our revenue issue is getting worse by the day; (3) the Library closure may be the least of our issues going forward as the ability to protect essential services becomes more and more difficult; (4) Council's adoption of Option 1 was the right decision, even if it was terribly painful; (5) John Lamerato has the patience of a saint as he repeats numbers over and over again, all while he realizes Howrylak was not listening to him at his November presentation; (6) the voters should have passed last February's millage. Yes, I'm upset about the Library, but, oh ... this is serious. I was awake until 3 am pondering how did we get to this place? Oh, I know. By way of lies and disinformation. It's sickening.