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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hey TCU, how about communication instead of rabble rousing?

TB writes on a FB site :

From another 'blog': 'Compensation packages in Troy are not Cadillac -- they are perfectly typical'
The problem with this argument is that the comparison is made to other cities. First, are other cities hiring? Next, when compared to the private sector, do they 'stand up'? As usual, some will say ' well the municipal employee has a higher education'... then wouldnt it stand to reason that if they had to go look for a job in the private sector that they would be compensated accordingly as well?

My response is this
All you guys are saying, through the hype is why on earth can't Troy be better than every other city? But as TCU rails against city council and management, you are communicating to those not paying close attention that you believe Troy is acting unethically, and cheating its citizens with their compensation packages. That is silly and untrue, of course. This constant messaging is designed to make the people distrust the city, which makes fair and open communication IMPOSSIBLE!
Why won't TCU come to the table to DISCUSS our sad situation, rather than to point fingers and blame and rabble rouse?
When will you try to help rather than to hurt and quash conversation?
And yes, you can argue that this blog does the same thing. But I'm only taking your lead. When you are rude and ruthless and no one responds to your tactics, you are the only voice being heard. Well, we all want to be heard. The city council and workers HAVE to be nice to you. I don't.
But tell you what? How about lowering the heat and starting to communicate?
But no, February 7th is going to be a screaming contest, isn't it? You're preparing a circus, aren't you?
It's going to be about he who is the rudest wins.
Well, I think it's high time for less heat and more communication.
Less rudeness and more thoughtfulness.
Less finger pointing and more embracing of a difficult situation and the hard work ahead.

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  1. One problem with TB's flawed logic about the private/public sector comparison is that so many of these folks want to compare apples to oranges.

    Remember our friend who thought a book store manager was a good replacement for the library director? Or Janice Daniels, who wants to hire "regular people" to take over all the director level positions in the city?

    Yeah. Disconnect...but not at City Hall as some would have you believe.